My Story

I didn't always love my body. In fact most of my life I fought to change it as much as I could, diets, diet pills, obsessive working out, restricting food only to binge hours later. And yet it was never enough. I was never small enough. 

It is a sad place to realize how much you dislike what you see in the mirror even after really trying to change it. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn't I lose weight and maintain it? Why couldn't I just give up pizza, cheese and reese's once and for all? Obviously it was possible...I had been told this 100 times,,,so why was I failing? 

If you've felt this way too you are not alone!! I know this because I've had this same conversation with friends so many times. 

We are constantly trying to change our bodies to fit into what is considered "ideal" or "attractive" by societal standards without once really asking ourselves if it's REALLY worth it. I mean really. Is it worth the obsession, calorie counting and bikini body programs? 

I finally got to a place where I realized it wasn't worth it. I was worth so much more than the number on the scale. I wanted to eat pizza AND green juices and love my body no matter how it looked as a result of that balance in my life. I finally decided that my mental happiness was worth more than trying to sacrifice to fit into what society deemed as the perfect body goals. 

About Kami


Hi! I’m Kami Blease!

I’m a body image coach, recovering diet and fitness addict and your personal confidence cheerleader! 

I teach women like you how to fall in love with your body -even when it seems impossible- by teaching online workshops with the exact steps you need to create body freedom, and giving you the right tools and techniques to quiet down that negative voice in your head. You already ARE enough and worth of everything you desire. Together, we will create a lifestyle that supports the healthy body image and high-vibe life that you are meant to have.





I finally realized I was worth so much more than the number on the scale and I was going to stop letting it define me and my happiness in life!

I worked at it for over a year and still continue to work at it today. Loving your body in a world that is constantly telling you to change is hard but not impossible. There is real freedom on the other side when you open yourself up to compassion and self acceptance.

I now move because I want too, not because I have too. And guess what, for me that means not going to the gym EVER! Why? Because I never really liked it any ways! I love walking, running, yoga and occasionally spin and pilates. And I now do them because I love moving my body in that way and my mind also benefits because they are aligned in their goal. 

I now eat in a way that allows me to eat pizza, ice cream, wine andddd kale, quinoa and green juices! All in a balanced way where I never feel deprived because no food is a bad food! I eat and I listen to my body. I eat and I pay attention to how foods make me feel. I listen and I am able to determine if I am hungry or just bored. I eat without shame, fear or restriction because food is no longer in control of me. 

And the beauty of this all? There is this freedom for you too! Freedom from obsession with your weight, freedom from food, freedom from working out as punishment. There really is another side to the story and I am living it. I am so thankful for my journey because it has equipped me to help women just like you find that same exact freedom. If this sounds like you and you also want this ending make sure you check out my coaching and courses and start changing your life today. I cannot wait to go on this journey along side of you. 

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