How to Feel Confident in any Fall Outfit!

Fall is the season of sweaters, boots, and all things cozy and comfy! I for one am excited and embracing all the comfy things I can get my hands on! Of course with the changing season comes all the new trends and new “must-have” items people are sharing. As fun as seeing all those things can be, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

The truth is, feeling good in your clothing isn’t about wearing the latest and greatest trends. It’s about feeling good in your body and loving the clothes you wear no matter how new or old they are. Some people get a lot of joy out of buying new things whereas others go for a more classic capsule wardrobe that is the same most of the year.

Whichever category you find yourself in, just know that you are worth more than your wardrobe #hadtodoit haha but even still I wanted to share a few tips on feeling your most confident this season!

  1. Embrace a trend no matter what your body type is! We are encouraged to “dress for our body” and in some ways that might make sense but not always. Sometimes you just want to wear a style because you love it! Don’t let some magazine or stylist tell you that your body is not meant to wear a certain trend. If you really want to wear it, and wearing it makes you feel amazing, WEAR IT! Enjoy getting dressed and enjoy shopping for things you love wearing. Confidence comes from the inside and if you feel amazing in it, more than likely people will think you look amazing in it too!

  2. Dress in a way you feel confident! It’s easy to feel pressure to adopt the latest styles or buy the newest items but when it comes down to it, if you’re doing it to fit in and not because you like wearing it, it’s time to stop. Lets get out of the habit of wearing things to please others and start wearing things we love! I did this a lot growing up, wearing brands I couldn’t afford and buying things I didn’t even really like, all to fit in. It didn’t help and ultimately I didn’t feel confident in those things because they weren’t truly my style! So embrace what makes you feel confident and go for it!

  3. Mix & match trends and styles! A great way to add variety to your wardrobe is to mix and match trends, styles, patterns and brands. A simple tee and jeans can change when paired with a chunky necklace or a cool jacket. Adding statement pieces to otherwise simple items makes the look feel brand new and allows you to get more use out of the pieces since you can wear them more often. It’s fun to mix edgy and girly or preppy and glam. Play with the items in your closet and see what mixing things up does to help you refresh your wardrobe.

  4. Find a few go-to staples! I tend to be a more “trendy” dresser rather than a classic dresser. I have found though, that it’s still important to invest in the staples I will wear consistently. I find these things to be jeans, certain dresses, some shoes, some bags and certain jackets. So find your staples, the jeans you will wear all year long and invest in them. Find the boots you want to wear all winter and for winters to come and invest in them. Finding quality pieces and mixing them with trendier items is a way to change things up without feeling like you are wasting your money. I tend to spend less money on items that are more of a fad and that way I feel less bad if I don’t wear it as often as a classic item.

  5. Follow people or Pinterest boards for inspiration! A great way to get inspiration is to create a style board on Pinterest and on Instagram. Follow people who have a similar style to you or body to you and see how they dress and what items they love. Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t but it will give you inspiration on how to wear things in your own closet as well as what items to keep an eye out for next time you go shopping! I love to reference the boards when I’m shopping and it reminds me of things I loved but might have forgotten about!

So however you choose to show up this season, do it with confidence and own your own style! It doesn’t have to makes sense to anyone else, but if you love it, just go for it!