Best Plant Based Protein Sources

Have you ever wondered how vegetarians and vegans get enough protein in their diet? Questioned if you could feel full enough and get results cutting out meat? Well, I've been there too and as we try to slowly limit our fish and eggs intake we are learning all about the other best protein sources out there! There are actually so many more than I realized and thought it would be fun to share some with you! 

Protein is so important in our diet because it helps repair our muscles, keeps us feeling satiated and prolongs our energy without us crashing throughout the day. Assuming you can only get it from animal-based products limits you and keeps you from stepping outside the box! 

I recommend some of these products as organic because they are made out of soy. Soy should be consumed mindfully and not in excess but purchasing organic helps limit pesticides and genetic modifications. 

  1. Pea Protein Powder (21g/1 scoop) 
  2. Organic Edamame (17g/1 cup) 
  3.  Organic Tempeh (16g/3oz) 
  4. Organic Tofu (8-16g/3oz) 
  5. Almonds (15g/0.5 cup) 
  6. Spirulina (12g/3 tbsp)
  7. Hemp Seeds (10g/3 tbsp)
  8. Lentils (9g/0.5 cup) 
  9. Chia Seeds (6-9g/3 tbsp) 
  10. Quinoa (4g/0.5 cup serving) 
  11. Black Beans (8g/0.5 cup serving) 

Wondering how much protein you should consume in a day? The daily requirement by the USDA is 0.37 per pound of body weight. However, that is pretty low for most people who live a somewhat active lifestyle. I recommend trying to get closer to 25g of protein per meal, so roughly at least 75g of protein a day. You may need more if you are lifting heavy and then you can aim closer to 1g per pound of body weight. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that as you consume protein sources from substances other than animal products you are also taking in other macronutrients like carbohydrates and fat. If all you are eating is high carb foods with moderate protein there can be an imbalance that could lead to weight gain. Be mindful of how you eat, don't overindulge just because it is a nut or vegetable, play around with different sources and monitor how they make you feel. So much of living a healthy lifestyle is just learning what works best for you and your body! And the best way to do that is to be patient and pay attention! 

Did any of these sources surprise you? What will you start incorporating into your diet as your protein source now?