Boss Women to Inspire You This Week!

I think it is SO important as women to build each other up rather than break each other down. And how cool that this seems to be a movement many women are taking part in!! We are stronger together, we can do more together, and there is room for all of us! Wasting our time worrying about someone else's success, body, life or job forces us out of our lane and our true selves and leaves us lost and usually feeling empty.

It can be hard to not compare ourselves to others but what if instead of seeing someone else's life and finding the "lacking" in ours, we instead changed the narrative to cheer them on and use it as inspiration, BUT not waste a moment doubting our own abilities. We are each uniquely and wonderfully made so what better thing than to see a woman truly living out the life, job, dream and passion in her heart?! That inspires and encourages me that it is absolutely possible for me to do the same! 

So today I am going to share with you 4 BOSS BABE women who are killing it and inspire me every day to follow my dreams, love myself and be my best self. I hope that you will find inspiration in them too!


1. Melissa Wood Tepperberg (@melissawoodhealth)

I find Melissa to be so inspirational because she is a TRUE example of someone who practices what they preach. Daily you will see her drinking her spirulina smoothie, doing meditation, yoga and spending time with her adorable family. She walks the walk and her life (and bod) show the results of that! I have done a few of her workout videos and each one ends with an opportunity to practice gratitude, slow down and just be thankful for the moment. She is always having a good time but honestly, someone I feel is just real. 

I first found her when she was on a podcast with The Skinny Confidential and have been following her ever since. Her journey with food, her body and health is so empowering and shows you that living mindfully and intuitively really can bring you so much peace and happiness! 


2. Lee Tilgman (@leefromamerica)

So I have been following Lee for some time but just recently really watching her Insta Stories and following along on her journey. She practices a lifestyle that is full of gratitude, self-care, plants, and delicious recipes. Her account is literally so inspiring when it comes to food! She makes healthy look so dang good! haha 

The thing I love most about Lee's account is that she is really genuine about her lifestyle and her moods which I find really relatable. She once talked about not feeling like working out, forcing her self to go to a yoga class only to walk out 15 min in because she just wasn't in it. She talked about how there are times where of course we need to push ourselves, but so many other times where really listening to our bodies and our minds will get us so much further. She didn't need a workout class, she needed to slow down and REST! In a world that is so go go go, it is an important reminder to just rest sometimes. 


3. Bri Emery (@designlovefest) 

Ok first yall, just go follow this account alone for the fact that she posts the most stunning and creative pictures! She is a creative director so her photos are always ON POINT! It's honestly just one of the most aesthetically pleasing accounts ever!! 

But honestly, besides all the behind the scenes stuff she does about her shoots, she is seriously so real. She is open about her struggle with anxiety, going to therapy and sometimes just how hard life is. You would never guess that by her images but she shows you that there is someone behind the pretty photos and it's just a creative soul who has ups and downs just like anyone else. 


4. Cara Alwill Leyba (@thechampagnediet)

So I discovered Cara near the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey and I could not be more grateful for that! She is a life coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster and overall such a positive and empowering person. She is someone who loves herself and feels called to help women love themselves and their lives too (can I get an amen!!!). 

I have three of her books Girl Code and Style Your Mind and could not be more inspired. She reminds us that as women we should build each other up, love ourselves, love our lives and always leave time for a glass of champagne. Her podcast Style Your Mind is one of my favorite business podcasts because as much as I love her interviews there are so many quick ones done by just her that are the perfect mood booster, motivator and kick in the butt I need sometimes! 

Let me know in the comments below who is inspiring you this month! Hope you enjoyed these beautiful boss babes!!