Want to Enjoy Working Out? Here's How!

Workout routines are such a personal thing and will absolutely vary from person to person! I think most people get stuck when they try to follow someone else's routine and end up hating it. At that point they assume that this must be all working out is and it's definitely not for them! 


I found myself struggling with this because what I enjoyed as a workout changed so often. I didn't always love running, or weight lifting, or yoga, or spin, or pilaties and so on. But what I did love was incorporating each of these or none of these depending on what I was going for. 

It is my firm belief that starting a routine you have no intention of continuing long term is pointless. You want your workouts to be something you enjoy doing, something that makes you feel good and look good! You want working out to be part of your day that releases stress and helps you feel accomplished. You aren't able to do that very easily if you hate what you are doing. 

So how do you find out what you like?

  1. Shop around! Do not assume that one size fits all! That is why there are so many studios, programs, gyms and training styles. Because people are different, they want different things and have different goals! Even if you disliked one spin studio, try another! Even studios of the same category will vary in style and you could just not like that studios style! I know that sounds overwhelming but it will be worth it when you find the things you enjoy! Then you will be able to stick to it because you know what you like! 
    1. The best ways to do this are joining ClassPass, Studio Hop and seeing if studios have a discounted first month or free week trial! 
  2. Enlist the help of friends! Working out is so much more fun with a buddy! And it actually holds you more accountable to getting your workout in! It is harder to bail when you know your friends will all be there without you! Even joining an online community is a great way to get plugged in because you can connect with women doing the same program or routines! 
  3. Start slow! Don't go from barely working out to 6 days a week. It might work for the first couple of weeks but after that the newness wears off, you end up feeling overwhelmed, guilty when you miss a day and then start to feel like it's not worth it in the first place. This is a cycle I have seen and participated in many times so I can honestly say it doesn't work. Most people start working out to lose weight but if you can't maintain the lifestyle the weight will more than likely just come right back. So start off with just 3 days or so and when that becomes second nature, add a fourth day and so on. Soon you could be working out 6 days a week but you started off in a realistic way that allowed you to feel successful and see the benefits! 
  4. Have variety! It is easy to get bored with workouts some times if you feel like you are doing the same thing day after day. That is totally normal but ends up burning people out. I felt this a lot when I was training for my half marathons because I had to do so much running each day. If you are starting to get bored with yoga, add in barre or spin. Just doing weight training or just doing cardio will not yield your ideal results. It is the combination of both that creates long term and lasting results as well as helps keep us from getting bored! 

Do you feel like you have been going about working out all wrong? Have you been struggling to find a routine? What are some of the ways you are going to change things up so you can start to enjoy working out again?