How To Live Your Life To The Fullest!

Something I have been feeling a lot lately is the struggle with the phrase "live your best life." I struggle because "best life" is subjective. I struggle because who is to say what is and isn't living your best life?

It is easy to lean on social media, society and the people around us to interpret what that means but who gave them that authority? How will you know that their idea of a best life is also best for you?

Well you won't.

So often when it comes to finding the things that make us the happiest, it is through trial and error. We think this one job or fitness routine or boyfriend will all make our lives amazing...and sometimes they do...and sometimes they don't. But you would never know without trying in the first place. 

This is what life is about! Learning what uniquely makes you happy. What uniquely creates your best life. I get frustrated when people assume that their idea of a best life is also best for everyone else. And though coming with good intentions they are unable to see past the fact that just because something works for them (routine or lifestyle wise) does not mean it will work for everyone. There are details in each of our lives that make some things easier or better and some things not. But when it comes to living your best life, I believe it has nothing to do with the perfect daily routine but more in the mindset and heart behind it. Routines are amazing, habits are important and growing is a must...but it can look different for everyone. 

Today I wanted to share with you a few things I truly believe help you live your best life no matter what your life looks life. You can do all of these things at any age, at any job, single or married, in any city and in any stage of life!

What I hope is that these principles can be applied to the good and hard times. That you are able to look at your whole life as wonderful, rather than always working towards that one day where you will finally feel like its your "best". So often we reach that point, the job, the money, the body, the spouse and realize that we are still us...that those things don't actually make us a deeply amazing person. On paper sure...but isnt life so much more than looking good on paper? Be someone who through every circumstance chooses to live out their best life. 

  1. Believe in something bigger and greater than yourself. I truly believe the people that are the happiest realize that the world is not just about them. That we all have a purpose and were placed here intentionally to do amazing things. Whether that is God or the universe I challenge you to see yourself not at the center but to realize that we are all connected, all a part of something greater and that we have a greater purpose here. Believing in something bigger than yourself allows you to see setbacks and disappointments as a learning opportunity, or as protection for something greater up ahead. 
  2. Be true to yourself. You could live a life that on paper looked amazing...but if it is empty...if it is not allowing you to genuinely be yourself, then it is not worth it. Do not sacrifice what you know you need deep down to live a life that is inauthentic to yourself. There will be people in your life that disagree with you, that challenge your mindset or way of thinking and though they are entitled to their opinion that does not mean you are obligate to appease them and change. Being yourself in the deepest way is one of the bravest things you can do. Being yourself even when people around you don't get it takes courage but it is better to bravely stand out then to fearfully blend in and lose yourself.
  3. Love unconditionally. There will be people that disagree with you, people that challenge you, judge you and hurt you. Love them anyways. It does not mean you let them walk all over you, but it means at the end of the day you choose love when they chose judgement and hate. It is a more beautiful thing to see someone love in the face of adversity than it is to see them throw hate right back. Loving someone does not mean sacrificing who you are or changing to be what they demand, but it allows you to be an example of what acceptance and love can look like. We all need people around us who love us unconditionally, that is what gives us the freedom to be who we are truly meant to be without fear of rejection. Be the person that allows those around you to be who they truly are. Love also means saying the hard truth sometimes. Be someone who people know as loving, no matter what the conversation looks like. 
  4. Follow your dreams. When people reach the end of their lives, they rarely talk about how glad they are that they made all the safe decisions and never took risks. More often than not they wish they had spent more time with loved ones and given themselves a chance to follow their dreams. Who knows what will come of it, but it could end up being the most amazing journey leading somewhere you never imagined. Dreams change, but never stop having the courage to chase after them. 
  5. Be kind. This is simple and goes a little bit with number three but I don't think it hurts to reiterate. You never know the people you are meeting, who they might be, where they might have come from or what they might be going choose to be kind. Kindness tends to get people a lot further on a deeper level. Sure people can be a-holes and get far in life but I don't think any of us are really looking to them as lifestyle role models. Be the kind boss, the kind friend, the kind spouse, the kind stranger...choose kindness. 

What else allows you to live your best life? What does that mean to you?