Why Your Weight Doesn't Matter!

Identity is a tricky thing. It is different for different people based on what they are rooted and grounded in. Where they find their security and how they define themselves. But for a lot of people, there are a few numbers we let control too much of our lives...

  • Age (in regards to success, marriage, kids...)
  • Social media (followers, viewers, subscribers, likes...)
  • Weight (too thin, too heavy...)
  • Income (in debt, paycheck to paycheck, ballin' on a budget, rolling in dough...)

So why do we let these few numbers define so much of who we are and the worth we have to offer those around us?

Honestly, choosing to be defined by these things is lazy. We are so much more than these numbers. We have so much to offer the world that has nothing to do with these things! 

We have let society and our surroundings determine what the "ideal standard" should be. We have started letting people we have never met determine what we should be measuring success and happiness by. We have stopped asking ourselves what we want and started asking others. 

So how do you find out what you want?

Dig. Dig deep!! The problem for most people is this is hard work. It is uncomfortable to realize that the life you truly want challenges every norm that surrounds you. That the body you love might not be always considered someones #bodygoals! It is uncomfortable to realize that the "status quo" for most is not what your deepest heart desires. Or to realize that you are happy with a simple life and don't need to keep up with the Jones's! 

This is scary. But it is also going to be one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself. Freeing to realize that your age doesn't come with deadlines and cutoffs. That your weight is not a definition of your worth, that your followers are not an indication of your value and that money doesn't buy happiness! 

A quote I read recently said, "Confidence is not saying, 'they will like me', confidence is, 'I'll be fine if they don't." 

Beautiful babe as you read this I hope you hear me when I say, all of those things don't matter! You can inspire and encourage at any weight, age and following and income!! Do not limit yourself based on what you see around you, challenge what you see and don't be afraid to do it differently. 

I have worked with clients who were unable to see their success because the number on the scale wasn't what they thought they should be. But the question really comes down too, why do you think you need to be that number?? Where did that number come from? Do you really feel like your life will feel so much better if you saw that number? Or would you then become so focused on not losing it that you didn't even enjoy it? 

These numbers are fickle. The standards come and go. The numbers change! 30 is the new 20! 150 is the new 100! You only need 1K followers to collaborate with brands instead of 10K! As long as you have 70K a year you'll be happy! 

I bet you could talk to the person you think is the happiest or most successful and they would still have numbers they are chasing after too! Doesn't that make you realize that just because it seems like where you want to be, that it might never be enough? 

Who knows where the standards will be in a year so why don't you decide that your worth and identity are grounded in something so much deeper than that. That you are worth so much more than a few digits and can't be boiled down so easily! That life will have ups and downs, as will these numbers. But your dreams, values and hopes are so much bigger than that! 

Stop getting so caught up in the numbers that you miss out on life. That you are unable to see just how wonderful you really have it. That you don't even realize how far you've come! Stop letting yourself be boiled down to such basic things and challenge the world to see you for so much more than that! 

Babe,you are more than a number and I hope you can start to see that and soon believe that for yourself! So what number are you going to start letting go of? What will you embrace instead?