So, What Happened to The Kalon Life?

Thank you so much for popping over to my BRAND NEW site!! I am so excited for this new adventure but understand that there might be some confusion as to what happened to my company The Kalon Life! 

Kalon actually means 'beauty that is more than skin deep' and I wanted to breath that into every aspect of TKL and now Kami Blease. 

The Kalon Life was created in August 2015 when I decided to officially start working for myself and wanted to help women fall in love with themselves from the inside out. I became a personal trainer and combined that with my background in fashion and studies in life coaching! I wanted to be the one stop shop when it came to creating the best life for yourself. 

Over time, I primarily stayed in the personal training arena and while I love it (and still offer it) I was missing the part that didn't focus on weight loss and focused more on self love and acceptance. You see, I would have these amazing clients lose all this weight and yet...still be searching for those last few pounds to realllyyy feel like they were at their best. And I understood why they did it, I mean rarely do we hear that we are beautiful the way that we are. Usually, even after weight loss we are encouraged to make sure we don't gain it back because we want to be the best we can possible be. But this puts our self worth in our weight...and in the weight lost and I wanted to be a part of so much more than that. I was only scratching the surface and didn't know at the time what I was supposed to do instead. 

When we decided to move to Austin (my hometown) I knew this was my opportunity to rebrand and refresh The Kalon Life. Honestly, though, I had NO idea how much it would be changing. I was lucky enough to take Marie Forleo's B-School and that changed everything. This program helped me focus, fine tune and truly create what you are seeing today. With B-School, the support of my family & friends and lots of prayers I happily share with you this website. 

I realized that I loved helping women feel confident but I wanted my services to start with an inner journey, not just a physical one. I was able to use my own struggles with body image as a blue print for where I started and the steps I took to create a positive relationship not only with my body but with food and fitness as well. I am a different and happier person than I was even just a couple years ago and my goal is to help women go through this same transforming process and find their confidence and freedom from restriction and obsession. 

Everything you see on KB will still feel very much like The Kalon Life and maybe someday it will resurface again. But it's still me and my mission is still to empower women but the content and approach is brand new!! 

I will now be offering a variety of one-on-one coaching packages to get started and soon will have a group coaching and a self-study course as well! I want to make this information accessible to all who want it, so the free content on my blog will be an amazing resource. However, if you are serious about changing your relationship with your body, food and fitness then I encourage you to invest in yourself and that journey. 


So many women, including myself have spent way to much of our time worrying about our weight, the food we are eating and if we are working out enough. These should not be the major focuses in our lives. We are created to be so much more than our weight and there truly is freedom from that if you will give it the time and energy it needs. 

Hope you spend some time hopping around the site! Let me know what content you would like to see more of, questions you want me to answer or anything else you want to share.