How to Truly Love Yourself

In this day and age, it can be hard to learn to love yourself imperfections and all. We see all the mistakes, the dimples, failures, and the hurt. And yet we don’t acknowledge that others are usually hiding those things as well. We know where we fall short and therefore judge others “highlight reel” to our “blooper reel.”

Wanting to change things does not mean you hate yourself. But your motivations need to be honest. Motivations and intentions mean a lot when we start thinking about the things we want to work on. If we are honest with ourselves then it allows us to make decisions based on a deeper level of desire rather than out of insecurity.

Today, right now I want to talk about where you’re at, and just let you know that wherever that is, is OKAY. Wherever you’re at you are BEAUTIFUL. Wherever you’re at, you can be HAPPY. Stop waiting to be happy when you reach all these goals for yourself. There’s a reason why “the grass is always greener..” quote is thrown around so much. It’s because things aren’t always as great as they may seem and if you bank on only liking yourself once you’ve reached a certain goal, then I hate to break it to you but I promise that won’t be enough. You will get there, realize you still aren’t happy and look for the next thing to fill you. Why? Because you don’t actually like yourself, you don’t actually love yourself, you haven’t actually accepted yourself.

This is a hard thing to do.

It is hard to balance ambition and drive with being ok with where you’re at. They seem like opposing ideas, but they aren’t. You can love yourself, imperfections and all and still have goals, still be striving for change and still be growing as a person. That is the nature of life.

I challenge you today to pick three things you LOVE about yourself! Write them on your mirror, write them on a little sticky note or just tell them to yourself out loud each morning. You may feel stupid but we are quick to pick all the things we don’t like throughout the day, so for 5 seconds in the morning just acknowledge the list of things you do like. Tell yourself you are beautiful, tell yourself that you are kind, that you have pretty eyes, that you are great at your job. Remind yourself of the things you love and slowly you will let go of the hate. Then you grow because you want to love more aspects of yourself, you grow because you know your body and life deserve a fully present and happy person living it. Love yourself, because, imperfections and all it is what makes you unique, what makes you special and what makes you powerful.

Be honest with yourself, be kind. Compliment yourself like you would someone you do love.


The three things that I will be reminding myself of each day are listed below.

I love:

-My eyes (and my bum hehe)

-A appreciate a body that lets me run long distances and stays healthy while I train for my half-marathon.

-I love that I have a passion for encouraging and empowering women! I love what I do and feel so thankful to be doing it.


What three things are you going to start telling yourself today? 


Thanks for reading babes, wishing you a beautiful day xoxo