My Morning Routine

There is something to be said for the morning routine and a reason why so many successful people have one and stick to it. Starting the day with intentional habits helps get you in the right mindset, helps you accomplish some of the most important things first and allows you to overall improve your day when you start off checking things off your list.

Now honestly every morning is somewhat different for me depending on my client schedules. And each one is truly different. However, there are a few things I always try and do especially when I am not as rushed in the morning.

1.     Say 3 things I am thankful for- Before ever even getting out of bed I try and say three things that I am thankful for. This changes morning to morning but overall starting my day with gratitude shifts my mindset.

2.     Make coffee- I do this before I even head to the bathroom to wash my face or brush my teeth. Turning on the coffee pot is absolutely not a negotiation first thing when I wake up.

3.     Wash my face & brush my teeth- This is something I honestly hate doingโ€ฆI know it is one of the most basic habits but somehow I always try and push it off. However starting the day fresh faced and clean always makes me feel better and more awake.

4.     Quiet time & meditation- I usually have a couple of books or devotionals that I will read when I start my morning and then I will journal a little bit about what I read and anything that is weighing on my heart. Spending that time in reflection helps keep me aware of how I am feeling and what I am needing for the day. Then I will do about 5-10 minutes of meditation where I either think of a verse, or focus for the day. Sometimes it is just a way to clear my mind and breath before the rush of the day starts.

5.     Make my breakfast- I turn on the Today Show and then get to cooking. I love eggs in the morning and usually do some sort of scramble with a piece of toast and then apple cider vinegar and water.

All of this usually takes a little over an hour, if I am very focused. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted but I always try to check these few things off before I get into the major part of my day.

Building a routine of any kind helps you stick to habits better and gets you closer to the person you want to be. Spending these few minutes each morning on each of these things individually might not feel like much but it adds up. I feel more awake, I feel healthier, happier and overall more accomplished!

A new task I am trying to add to my regular routine is: Making my bed each morning! I love the way the room looks and it takes less than a minute but brings so much satisfaction when I walk by the room. Can't technically say its part of my routine YET, but I am working on it! 

What are some of the things you love to do each morning? Anything you want to start adding in?