Rules of a #girlgang

These days everyone is throwing around #squad, #girlgang and #tribe like its going outta style (myself included hehe) and I LOVE it but what does it mean to have that group of #rideordie girlfriends?

Building genuine relationships looks different than it used too! Where most of the time your friends were people you met in person and hung out with regularly, we are now forming friendships through social media and truly building relationships without having to even live in the same state! This is so crazy and awesome at the same time! 

However, I challenge you to go beyond the surface with the people you are meeting and bringing into your life. Sometimes girls can get competitive and make it harder on themselves than it needs to be. So I have put together some ideas for building real relationships with the women in your life. Having a friendship that can stand the test of time, distance, life changes and so much more is what having a #squad really means.

  • Rule #1: Learn to be their biggest cheerleader. Having our friends succeed is an amazing thing to watch and be apart of. When you build the mental narrative of cheering your friends on it is impossible to be simultaneously resentful or jealous. If you find yourself being jealous immediately stop and say "nope, she is killing it, she is amazing, I love her, AND I am amazing too. I will succeed and her success will not take away from my own." This might feel silly but it's the truth and both of you deserve to be cheered on.
  • Rule #2: Be authentic. Don't be afraid to be yourself. By truly being yourself you allow others to do the same without shame. Trying to act like everything is perfect is exhausting. When you really let your guard down and show all your quirks and weirdness you become more endearing to those around you. And the people that don't find it endearing don't need to be a part of your #girlgang haha
  • Rule #3: Be loyal. Cattiness happens but creating an atmosphere of trust in your friend group is one of the most important things you can do. No one wants to worry that while they're gone people will talk about them. So don't. Be the loyal friend you hope they would be too. 
  • Rule #4: Make them a priority. We all get it, life gets busy. But investing time with the people that matter to you is crucial. This doesn't mean every day of every week all months forever but it means making the time for them consistently in your life. Even if it is a "thinking of you and love you" text message. Make time to show your girls they are important to you. 
  • Rule #5: Be able to play or chill. Having friends that you can go out and party with or sit on the couch, sip wine and watch Friends with are the best kind. Being able to have a friendship when things are exciting and when they're boring is important. We can't all go go go, so having friends that will do both with you is the best! 
  • Rule #6: Don't be a clique. Having your best babes is always so fun but don't not include others just because they aren't apart of your friend group. Who knows, that girl may need some friends and she may be the perfect fit. Choose to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Be kind to other girls, hang out with other girls and bring all your favorite girls together occasionally even if they dont all regularly hangout! 
  • Golden Friend Rule: Ultimately be the friend you want to have <3 

I am so thankful for the women in my life who have loved and supported me so well. They are so amazing and I wouldn't be who I am without each of them. Find those types of incredible women and hold on to them tight. Give a shoutout to your babes and what you love to do together! 

xoxo Kami