Vice Vice Baby

So I feel like the definition of 'vice' is a little dramatic but I want to include it anyways. 

Vice: immoral or wicked behavior

See what I mean....I have things that I might consider a current vice but that doesn't make me feel immoral or wicked...haha ANYWAYS...I digress...

I got to thinking about vices after listening to a video by Darren Hardy where he talked about breaking the vices in our lives and essentially taming our flesh. I loved the idea of giving something up every few months as a way to challenge myself, do a lifestyle check and ultimately remind me of who or what is in control in my life. 

It is easy to get into the habit of doing something without even realizing it has now become a in the morning, wine at night, Netflix as soon as you get home, mindlessly looking at your phone for hours, chips and fries each time you eat out, cookies after every meal. Doing these things are not inherently bad, but feeling like you do not have the control to do otherwise is where I want to challenge you today. 

We live in a day and age where we can get pretty much anything we want almost instantly..there is a service or app for all of it. Our patience is getting shorter and our habit list is growing longer. And not always in the areas that truly benefit us or create the person we desire to be. 

The concept of taming the flesh comes from the bible and though that is something I am putting into my practice to honor the Lord, it does not have to be a spiritual act for everyone. 

To tame our flesh is HARD. To fight against the natural vices and habits we have created in our lives fundamentally goes against the concept of habits themselves. You are actively choosing to disrupt your norm and step out of doing something on a regular or semi-regular basis. This is HARD no matter what reasoning you have behind it. 

But think about what you could be accomplishing if you weren't indulging in these things regularly? More time to read or be with friends, that last 5 pounds that won't fall off, the ability to be in control rather than being controlled by these things, being reminded of ultimately what is important in our lives?

The purpose of focusing on these vices is not to feel guilty about them and punish yourself but rather to shine a light on something that might have more control in your life than you want it too. There are probably a few things that have popped into your mind that give you a little pause about having to give it up for a short period of time. That is your intuition sharing with you what can be molded and worked over in your life. 

Okay so what now? You have established a few vices in your life that you want to challenge yourself to break. What next?

  1. Every 3 months choose a vice that you want to abstain from for 30 days. Try to select a different vice every 3 months. 
  2. For those 30 days monitor how you feel, what you are opting to do instead and how you will work it back into your life (if you choose to at all) once the 30 days are over. 
  3. If there is something you a truly struggling with, consider adding another week or two too really work through the hold this vice has over your life. 

Choosing to be complacent and not challenge yourself is not the person you were created to be. You were created to be the best you possibly could be. Sometimes that means being slightly uncomfortable but hopefully allowing for growth in your life where you need it. 

Best of luck! I will let you know what I choose for my 30 days (probably wine....ughhh haha) and how it goes!