Why Do Affirmations

"Change your thoughts and you can change the world."- Norman Vincent Peale

Affirmations has been a buzz word that I have thrown around a few times in the ebook and on insta stories because I love my daily habit of saying them! I believe that by starting our day off with a positive mantra, mindset and outlook we open ourselves up to so much more opportunities and joy. 

But why do affirmations work? And what are they really?


Affirmations have been around since the 1800's but were recently popularized in the early 2000's when speakers and influencers like Rhonda Byrne and Tony Robbins started sharing their insight and personal experiences with them. They are phrases that are meant to be repeated and aimed to affect the conscious and subconscious mind. They should emote emotions, images and feelings that encapsulate the desired outcome your are wanting. Want to feel happier, imagine what that would look like, feel like, be like and say as many times a day as you need "I am a happy and positive person." Just saying this does not automatically make you happy but it brings that subconscious goal to the forefront of your mind where you are more focused on achieving that goal and therefore more likely to actually accomplish it. 

Using affirmations helps remind us of a goal, keeps us focused, and can truly change the way that you think. They are meant to come from a completely nonjudgemental place. So as you are aspiring towards happiness, weightless or success do not judge your current circumstances and let that affect your desires. Even just by being open to saying daily affirmations you are already ahead of where you were when that was not an active part of your life. 

As I have been on my own personal journey of self-improvement, affirmations have become really important to me. I try to say them first thing in the morning before I am focused on work, stress, social media and to do lists. This really helps start my day on a productive, positive and forward thinking note rather than negative, unintentional and unfocused. 

So what are the best steps for coming up with your own affirmations?

  1. Is there a negative thought you have about yourself? Write down the opposite of that in a positive way. Or you can state a goal or dream you have for yourself. 
  2. Keep them short and start them with "I" or My".
  3. State them in present tense as if they are already true. 
  4. Make sure all of your statements are positive. Do not state them as desires but as if you already are those things and phrase them with gratitude. 
  5. It is okay to have some stretch affirmations but also come up with some that are realistic to achieve in the foreseeable future. 
  6. Try to state these affirmations 3-5 times a day, a few times each. 
  7. Be open to the fact that you can actually achieve these things. You must believe in your heart that these things will be possible for you someday for them to sink in and actually impact your life. So even if you need to start small, start somewhere. 

Here are a few affirmations you can start with and/or work off of! Also I have included affirmations and mindfulness tips in The Kalon Life E-book which you can purchase here

  1. I have the ability to overcome any challenges that life throws at me. 
  2. I am beautiful inside and out and deserving of love.
  3. My life is filled with joy and abundance. 
  4. I honor my own path in life and have the courage to pursue it. 
  5. I am confident in my individuality. 

I hope that these affirmations were helpful and that you are encouraged to come up with your own and start saying them daily! Do you have any favorite affirmations or mantras you say? Let me know!