Best Trick For Productivity!


So owning your own business is awesome, however, when you are your own boss there is a lot riding on your shoulders! This means that getting ish done throughout the day is important and it is key to not get distracted by the laundry that needs to get done or the dishes in the sink.

I have learned this the hard way but fell in love with the planner that my sweet friend Jourdan bought me! It has seriously changed the way that I prioritize and helps me focus on what is truly important throughout my day. Then if I get those key things done I can do some dishes or errands but those come after my big ticket items are complete! 

The journal is The Productivity Planner (aptly named right?! haha) She picked it up from Anthro but you can check them out on their site here

It is a smallish planner so easy to carry and you date it yourself so you aren't missing out on days if you happen to skip a couple! 

So one of my favorite parts is that each day comes with a quote...and I love quotes. So almost on that alone I am sold haha but then there is more! 

So as you can see from the picture on the right, the way it is structured not only helps you prioritize tasks but it also asks you to estimate how long they will take and then answer how long it actually took. That way you can learn from certain tasks or see where the chunks of your day are being spent. 

At the end it has a space for notes and actually rating your productivity! This is a great opportunity for self-reflection so you can prepare for the days or weeks ahead. 

At the end of each week you are able to do a weekly review where you jot down things you did well, things that still need to get done and things you learned. Then at the beginning of the following week you are able to list out an overview of what the week ahead should look like! 

I know this can seem a little overwhelming but it really isn't once you start filling it out. I myself hate when I look back on a day or week and can't really account for what all I did and so this planner has allowed me to see in plain sight what I got done and what I didn't! 

If you are wanting to start a new project or have a new goal I highly recommend a planner structured like this! It keeps it simple, inspiring and makes a big difference in what you will get done! 

Happy planning :)