How to Create Lasting Habits

I think sometimes we can take a pause in our lives and when we look around we ask ourselves 'How did I get here?' 

It can be a hopeless feeling and though you desire change it is hard to know what the best next steps are. However, I want to encourage you that no matter where you are in your life you can start today BRAND NEW. Yesterday does not have to dictate your tomorrow. Choose for your tomorrow to be different. 

If you want to be in better shape, schedule a workout, make a healthy something today that gets you one step closer to the YOU, you want to be. 

There is true beauty in how small changes over time can make a big differene....for good OR bad. I always love this example from The Compoud Effect. Would you rather take $1M dollars today or penny after it has doubled every day for 30 days? 


It can be hard to imagine that a penny can amount to much even in 30 days...and honestly, as you can see even the first 27 days it doesnt even get to $1M but those last 3 days make all the difference. 

So often in life we try out something new and because we don't see immediate wealth, change or happiness we give up. We give up before truly giving ourselves the opportunity to see change. But patience, persistance....those qualities are always listed at the top for successful people. That is because so many of use today get distracted with instant gratification that we lose the desire to really work for something. 

Instead of trying to make 100 changes today to get to your goal, make one small change today. Something so small and simple it almost seems silly. But after a month or two of doing that small thing, add on to it. 

In your head you might be like, "But I don't want to wait a long time for results" you think the alternative is better? Do you feel like what you have been doing in the past has worked? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results....stop trying to do it the same way you always have. Stop committing to 100 changes and barely making it a month. 

When you look back at your life, those small habits will add up. That morning walk, $10/week saved, 1 resume sent out a week....they make all the difference over time. You just have to be patient enough to see the change through. 

So what goals do you have that you want to break down and start today? Have you ever taking a goal and really broken it down to the simplest act? Start today and let me know!