Favorite Healthy Cookbooks


So I don't think my love of buying, reading and collecting books is a secret to most people who know me. And if I am being honest that obsession does not stop at just business, wellness and girl boss related books....but also stems into cookbooks. haha 

Seriously, I am a SUCKER for a well designed, healthy, clean and curated cookbook! It is dangerous to get me in the cookbook section of Anthropologie (insert money flying away emoji here haha) 

So I thought I would share with you a few of my absolute favorite cookbooks that I actually use on a weekly basis! And maybe even a few of my go to recipes hehe I think the thing that deters a lot of people away from a plant based lifestyle is that it does take a little more effort. However, as you practice different recipes and figure out what you like, what to make in bulk and what to prepare before hand it becomes so much easier! I hope these cookbooks inspire you to get cooking and start eating some more plant based or healthy home cooked meals! 


  • Oh She Glows Everyday & The Oh She Glows Cookbook 

Both of these cookbooks are vegan and vegetarian and geared towards helping you glow from the inside out! These were some of my absolute favorite and go-to recipe books when we first stopped eating meat, and they definitely still are! EVERYTHING I have made from here has been amazing! Even TJ likes all of them too. I have cooked something from almost every category in the books and each turned out wonderful, even today I just made the portobello mushroom burgers with a sun-dried tomato, kale and hemp pesto....YALL. YUM. You can purchase here & here

--Favorite recipes are Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Coconut Curry, Fusilli Lentil-Mushroom Bolognese and Enlightened Miso Power Bowl. 

  • Clean Slate

Ok, this was definitely one of those I picked up as I was wandering around Anthro and I do not regret it one bit! Not only are there delicious recipes but it also includes a whole plan to help you reset your system and start with a....you guessed it.....'Clean Slate'. It is so important when it comes to food that we are mindful and thoughtful about what we are putting in our bodies and how it is affecting us for the better or for the worse. This book does an amazing job educating and inspiring. You can purchase here

--Favorite recipes are banana-apple buckwheat muffins, frittata with spring vegetables and baked sweet potato with greens. 

  • The Forest Feast

This is one of the most beautifully photographed cookbooks I own. The pictures are amazing and the recipes are just as good! She keeps it really fresh and simple but a lot of these are great for entertaining. This is one of my favorite go to's if I want to bring a creative appetizer that is still simple and healthy. You can purchase here

--Favorite recipes are guacamole deviled eggs, baked brie, strawberry salsa, apricot bites and scallion quiche. 

  • Inspiralized

I am sure by now you know all about zoodles but of course when I bought my Spiralizer I had to buy the cookbook too haha It made it so much easier to see just how much could actually be spiraled and all the different recipes to go with it. There were definitely a lot of ways that I never thought of until checking out these recipes. You can purchase here

-- Favorite recipes are the Savory Cabbage Breakfast Burrito, Halibut en Papillote with Butternut Squash and Vegan Celeriac Alfredo with Broccolini. 

  • Body Love

So one of the main reason I love this book is because so much of it isn't actually about recipes but more about nourishing your body properly and feel satisfied. So that philosophy rings true to me which made me even more excited to test out some of these recipes. Now a lot of them contain meat so I had to get creative but the smoothies are BOMB and a lot of the side dishes and fish recipes are great! I also love that she keeps them really simple, none of these 25 ingredient recipes containing things I have never heard of haha. You can purchase here

--Favorite recipes are the Spa Smoothie, Avocado Tuna Salad Boat, Butter-Lettuce-Wrapped Shrimp Tacos, French Salmon Salad and Freezer Fudge. 

So did I miss any of your favorite cookbooks?? Would always love to know if I am missing any of your go to cookbooks, so let me know! 

Happy cooking!