Tricks For Staying Healthy On The Go

One of the hardest things for people sometimes is to stay healthy on the go or when they are traveling! I myself can totally relate! So really what it boils down to is planning ahead :) There might be many a days where you don't need that snack but gosh forbid the one day you need it and don't have it....nope not even worth worrying about that day haha

As of late, I have relied on a few things to keep my hunger at bay and keep me on track! 

  1. A healthy protein bar! A few of my favorites are G2G, One Bar, Lara Bar and Perfect Bar! I like bars that have the majority of ingredients that I can pronounce and are lower in sugar. Now some of these have natural sugars but the fiber in the bar will help keep you from crashing after eating it. And the way I look at it, this is probably better for me than most of the snacks I would grab at the airport or a gas station! 
  2. Almond or Coconut Oil Packets! So I am in a fat phase meaning I am consuming more fat and protein to keep my blood sugar levels stable and my energy still high! This means that grabbing a packet of almond butter or coconut oil is perfect if I just need a little something to satisfy my hunger and hold me over. Fat is a slower burning macronutrient so it will sustain your hunger for longer! This is a great pair with an apple! 

  3. Apples! Easy segway...haha apples are so easy to carry in your bag and last forever! This is a lower calorie and lower sugar fruit option and easy to munch on the go! 

  4. Vital Proteins Packets! So I am sure by now you have heard people talking about Vital Proteins and I am on board with it! Their products are amazing and definitely something I will add into my coffee when I am on the go and need to get my daily collagen boost in! I will also add my coconut oil in with the coffee and collagen which makes for a yummy drink to hold me over or even just start my day with! You can grab them here

  5. Water bottles! I always keep a glass water bottle in my purse or car! So often we mistake hunger for thirst so keeping water on hand is a must for me! These are a couple of my favorite bottles here & here

What are your favorite treats to have on the go?