How to Feel Good About Your Body

Feeling good about our bodies can at some times feel like an impossible task. With summer around the corner, we are constantly sent and told messages about how we can change our bodies to become better, more attractive, more successful and happier than we previously were. All thanks to being a smaller size. Sounds simple right?

But the reality is feeling good about your body has nothing to do with your weight. 

Or at least it shouldn't. 

So how do we go from dislike of our bodies to feeling good about them? Well, that is actually a long journey that I do challenge you to go on but where I think where you should aim to be first is feeling neutral. 

Neutrality means you neither love nor hate your body. It just is. 

It's is hard to go from a constant dislike and judgment of your body to then flip the switch and start loving it. This just doesn't happen. It is a progression over time that starts more with a neutral feeling of your body and then that slowly transitions into feeling more confident in your body. 

So how can you take the journey from dislike, to neutral, to like?

  1. Focus on the simple things your body can do! Can you walk, run, sit and stand? Can you pick things up, support your head, protect your internal organs? It might sound silly but appreciating all your body is actually doing for you helps you realize that its main purpose is to not just be fit and skinny. 
  2. Practice thinking neutral thoughts that feel more genuine. If looking in the mirror and saying you love your body or you look amazing feels impossible right now then just start with thinking neutral thoughts. This is your body, wearing a dress, the pattern on the dress is fun, you feel good in the dress. Start by just accepting your body as is. We all have fat and cellulite on our bodies but those are just aspects, they don't define us, they aren't bad, they just exist. 
  3. Pay attention to things that make you feel energized or good. Is there an activity, outfit or thing you like to do that makes you feel confident and happy. Pay attention to your body in some of those moments. Realizing that fresh air makes you smile, skipping through grass makes you feel like a kid again, eating pizza fills your belly and makes you happy! Our bodies are constantly giving us cues to things it likes and doesn't like, we just need to start paying attention. 
  4. Practice more positive affirmations throughout the day. Even, again if those have a neutral tone, practice thinking those thoughts more often than the negative ones. Affirmations are amazing so if you want to learn more about them, check out this blog I wrote a while back! 
  5. Guard your eyes against things that might make you feel negative. You are under no obligation to watch that show, follow that person on Instagram or pick up that magazine. If any of those things make you feel less than worthy then remove them from your life. This is one of the best things I could have done! AND I also started following a lot more body diverse people who were empowering, encouraging and inspiring! 

Do any of these resonate with you? What one or two things will you start doing to feel more neutral about your body!

No matter where you are at, just know that you are worth so much more than your weight and how you feel about your body. You do not have to be defined by those things and this will not have to be something you struggle with forever. The first step to changing your perspective is to realize that change needs to happen and being open to how to get there.