How to Get a Summer Body

Summer is pretty much here in Austin, TX and that means the lake, swimsuits and for a lot of women, heightened body insecurity. Summer has the potential to be such an amazing season if we would remove the stigma of weight loss and beach body goals from the requirements to enjoy it. 

The formula:

Have a body + Put on a swimmy = summer beach pool body goals body

This might seem simplistic and I am sure part of you might be feeling like if it was really that easy then you wouldn't be here searching how to get a summer body, right?

But girlfriend, it really is that simple. The industries that make it complicated have a vested interest in you not feeling good enough so that you buy their program, meal plan, fitness plan and products. It benefits them for you to stay insecure. They aren't doing their job if you feel good about yourself right now, at this moment, no matter what the scale or pant size says. It's not really their fault, it's their job. 

What we have to do is be smarter than that. Realize that they can either take away our confidence and opportunity to make amazing memories or they can keep us inside, cutting out carbs and waiting until the day we feel good enough. But the reality is no amount of weight loss will determine your worthiness in the world. You have to decide you are worthy to show up and be there and just own it. 

It might feel a little weird, you might not feel as good as you pretend but more than likely if you can turn the volume down on that negative voice saying you aren't good enough and live in the present moment, you will realize there is so much living you can be doing right now. 

We already have so much going on in our lives, dreams we are chasing, families we are raising, passions we are you really want all of that to share space with the voice telling you that "if only you were smaller, you could enjoy life more"? No. That voice does not get to take up space in our future life or our life right now. 

Choose to stand apart. Choose to show up confident in the body you have created. Choose to be an example to your friends, siblings, co-workers, daughters, and strangers that your body insecurities will not hold you back. We are all waiting for that brave person in our lives to show up and help us see that we are unique, beautiful, worth more than our weight and deserving of enjoying our life right now. Consider me your friend and this your sign. 

If there is something you had originally said no to or were planning on not doing because you don't feel summer ready, then I challenge you to instead say yes. Show up in your summer body, your gorgeous all seasons body and say yes to your life that is ready and waiting for you. 

Be brave girlfriend xx