What Defines You?

Often when we think about the things that define us we might say our passions, interests, faith, morals, job, family status, marital status...etc. But how often do we admit how much our weight and size define us?

We probably don't like to really admit that. But when you think about it, even if you don't say it out loud are you letting that define your actions? Are you letting it affect the way you think about and present yourself to the world?

The skinny girl? The tall girl? The fat girl? The athletic girl? The girl who could stand to lose 10 pounds? The girl with the big booty? The girl whose a size ____? The girl with curves? The girl without curves?

Whether we say it out loud or not doesn't matter. If you are defining yourself by your weight and size you are selling yourself short of everything else that makes you wonderful. If you are defining yourself by your physical appearance, you are not choosing to be seen for what's on the inside but rather what is on the outside. 

I know it seems like a fairytale idea to define ourselves and others based on the inside rather than the outside. You might feel like I'm naive in thinking that this is how the world should work. But I think we would be a lot happier if we stopped acepting to just be defineed by our physcial appearence and started to be defined by what makes us tick, by what drives us and makes us unique.

I actually think it's so much easier to just lean on our physical appearance rather than challenge ourselves to show up in other ways. Does being consider "beautiful" by society make you feel like you don't have to try so hard in other areas? Does it make you feel like also being smart might not be worth it because it's easy to get ahead when people think you are pretty? Or does being considered "larger" by society make you feel like you have to overcompensate in another area? Make you feel like if you can't be what society thinks is pretty then why bother trying? 

This doesn't mean you aren't allowed to be proud of your body but choose not to be DEFINED by it! There is a difference between defining yourself by your love of outdoor physical activity and defining yourself by your six pack abs. You might not always have abs but hopefully, you can always do an activity you love. 

Don't define yourself by what's easy. Don't define yourself by what's fleeting. Define yourself by the deepest things that make you, YOU. The things that when these bodies fade away leaves behind a legacy you are proud of. 

So what have you been defining yourself by? What do you want to be defined by?



Kami BleaseComment