Why your health is more important than your weight

Yesterday on my Facebook/Insta live, I discussed why it is so important that we start prioritizing our health over our weight (or weight loss). This is so important because we are often so focused on the number on the scale that we lose sight of all the other things that are crucial when it comes to living a healthy and balanced life. The scale and that number can NOT sum this up and it's time we start realizing that. 

A statistic that really stuck with me was: 

"In the United States, there is a stronger relationship between BMI and morbidity (disease) and mortality (early death) among groups more negatively affected by body image concerns (younger people, Caucasians, and women). Basically the fear of being fat has stronger health effects than actually being fat." *Health at Every Size

We are so afraid of being fat that it not only makes us make poor choices lifestyle wise but also damages us mentally! We focus so much on this because we are constantly told that being fat is essentially the worst thing ever and we must do everything in our power to fight it. But babes, let me tell you, this is NOT TRUE. 

Being fat is not a death sentence and actually the mortality rates are higher in those with lower BMIs compared to those with higher BMIs. This is because your health has more to do with your HABITS than it does with your weight. Health comes from a place of deep love and acceptance of yourself before it comes from the gym and what you eat. It has to start with a purpose of love rather than fear of the alternative.

I am so tired of women creating this comparison, joy thieving mindset that they must be skinny to be happy. Or that weight itself will come with confidence, love and worthiness. This leads us to creating unhealthy and unrealistic expectations in our mind and therefore leading to unsustainable habits to achieve them. 

We are ignoring how damaging this mindset is and how pervasive it is! How often do you think about your body wishing it could be different? How often do you think about food? How often do you think about all the things you should be doing for a better body? How often are you comparing yourself to others physically?

The answer is, TOO OFTEN. 

We are playing small and physically focused when there is so much more to life. There is so much more to healthy habits than weight loss but we lose sight of that when we choose to do those things only for weight loss. 

It's time we stopped focusing so much on our physical selves and started looking inward. What's your relationship with your body? How do you view yourself? What do you think you have to offer the world other than your body? 

These are important questions to ask and answer because they help us realize where we stand when it comes to our mental health around our bodies. So many of us have skewed and warped views that we can't even start creating a balance because we have no neutrality when it comes to our bodies or the expectation of what it should look like. 

We have lost sight of what's important. We have lost sight of what makes us up and instead focused on our physical form and used that to determine what we have to offer. You are so much more than your body and your weight. You can be healthy and fat. You can be happy and fat. You can be healthy and thin. You can be happy and average. You can be unhealthy and average. You can be unhappy and thin. There is no one size fits all for any of us and we need to let go of that before we can move forward. 

Your inner peace, inner love and inner acceptance needs to trump that of this worlds. Other's opinions of you shouldn't be your business because when you make your happiness and joy a priority those things ultimately won't matter. It feels impossible now but that's only because you've spent so long trying to fit into others ideals. When you realize you are worth more than that, their silly standards won't matter so much. 

I am so excited to be offering a workbook to help you get started! This 'Worth More Than Your Weight' workbook is the perfect introduction to creating a balance between your body and your mind, between creating acceptance and growth. This is possible and I've created a simple way for you to get started! If this sounds like something you want make sure you are on my newsletter list and if you aren't sure just pop your info in below love! 

The workbook will be available starting next week so get excited! It's time to play big, love yourself as you are and embrace the life you've been dreaming of!