It's NEVER too late

Are you waiting until things look different, feel different or just plain are different before you start fully embracing your life? Do you feel like all this waiting has potentially made you miss the boat on something you ultimately want?

Girl, I am here to tell you it is NEVER too late. But it's time to stop waiting! 

We are fed and told this lie that if we change or become this handful of things we will finally find the happiness, joy, success or acceptance that has been alluding us. We start to accept that life can't be as great now but will ultimately be great "if"....and we continue to wait. 

Sometimes we get further down this waiting road and look back and only then do we realize how much we missed out on, held off on and ignored all because we were waiting until we felt like we were more worthy of it. And then because we've missed so much or it's taken so long we believe it's too late to change and we might as well give up, but don't believe that!! 

It's never too late! 

It is never too late to become the person you dream of but it also doesn't have to be 10 years from now. There is so much beauty in loving who you are now even as you work to change and grow! There is nothing wrong with that and what it allows you to do is actually enjoy each season of life. Every chapter serves a different purpose but if we're always waiting for the ending we miss out on so much else. 

It is not too late to start breaking habits and making new ones, it is not too late to change the course of your life, the direction of your actions and the purpose in your life! It is not too late! You are not too old, you are not too inexperienced, you are not too married or too single, you are not too fat or too thin, it is not too late! 

It's not too late, but it's time to stop waiting and start embracing! What can you find good and positive about this season now? What can you appreciate now? The grass isn't always greener, it's green where you water it! So start watering, start living, start loving! 

This is your chance, this is your wake up call! What have you told yourself to wait on because you didn't feel ready? Didn't feel thin enough, worthy enough, accepted enough. You are enough! You are moreeee than enough! 

Darling, stop waiting. It's time. 

Here's how to start: 

  1. Do that one thing you've been putting off. You know what it is. It popped into your mind and freaked you out because you're so used to telling yourself you're not there yet. Do it anyways. Do it now. Or start taking the steps to do it! 
  2. Daily write 3 things you are thankful for. Our mindset shifts when we look to find the positive. You will seek what you find and if you start to train your brain to see the good, the joy, the opportunity you will start to see it more and more without even trying!
  3. Write a mantra or letter to yourself. This mantra or letter needs to come from a place of love so make your surroundings as conducive to that. If you aren't in a place where you love yourself or believe in yourself much, write it to your younger self and all you believe she can be, or write it to someone you do love (only to hopefully realize all those things are true for you too). It can be simple and short but it needs to encourage you when the doubt creeps in.
  4. Make a bucket list! Sometimes we don't even know what all we want to accomplish until we start dreaming! So start listing or make a vision board and really dream for yourself. Then when you see it laid out, pick 1-3 things that you can start working on, even in the smallest of ways. Progress is progress so start chipping away at it!