It's okay to have bad days

We've all been there. Where we just can't do anything right, nothing seems to go our way, we mess up multiple times and feel like any moment we could just burst into tears. 

Remember: It's okay to have bad days. 

Our culture can get so wrapped up in the busy, in the next thing and into the highlight reel that we don't know how to let ourselves rest. And when we do rest or have an off day we feel guilty. 

But guess's okay to have bad days. 

There is this stigma that everything in our lives needs to be perfect. Our job, marriage, family, kids, sex life, friendships, body, and so on. We are held up to a microscope and feel like if we stumble just a little everyone will see the cracks. Everyone will see that we are just faking it. That we are just exhausted but soldiering on. But what this does is it masks the need of the moment. It ignores what it feels like the universe is trying to say and just says no thanks, I don't have time.

But I don't think that's right. 

There are days for me where I am just not on my game. What I write sucks, my mind feels foggy, my workout was a bust and I just wanna cry. So in that moment should I just soldier on? No, I don't think so. 


Rest is something we all need and usually get to last on our list. It isn't until our body starts to shut down that we finally feel like okay, wait a sec, maybe I need to take a breather. And even then, some of us push through. We work through being sick, we work through being exhausted, we work through every emotion that tries to bubble up, and for what? 

What is so much more important to you that rest is not an option? Why have you decided that you are not allowed to have bad days? Is this really the life you want to create for yourself?

Rest does not have to be a luxury. It does not have to be elusive. But it does have to be a priority.

When we open ourselves up to rest, when we realize that this does not make us a failure (only human) we are able to embrace every day that life throws at us good and bad. When a day just feels off, maybe it is a signal that today your priority should be yourself. 

Working for myself I have the luxury to create my own schedule. Sometimes that means I make myself way too busy and sometimes that means I can indulge on my bad days. There is no shame in that. I don't want to create a life for myself that has no room for rest. I don't want to create a life for myself that has no grace for bad days. 

I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Phew, not that we got that out of the way don't you think you deserve to listen to what your body might be telling you and rest? Don't you think you could show up better tomorrow if you weren't running on just pure steam?

It's okay to have bad days. It's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to not have it all together. 

If you feel like this is you, that this is your cycle, know that you are not alone. Know that all days (and seasons) eventually pass. That what this might be teaching you is slow down, appreciate life and rest. 

There will be times where rest feels impossible. That bad day or not you still have to show up. That is just part of life. But there will also be days where when the universe is telling you to rest, you have the opportunity to say yes. Will you be brave enough to say yes? Will you be content enough to slow down for yourself?

It's okay to have bad days.