What I learned at 27

Ekkkk! This month (actually tomorrow) I will be turning 28! I am so excited because it puts me one year closer to my golden birthday and I warn you in advance...it's gonna be a lot to deal with y'all ;) jkkkk

But until then, I thought it would be fun to share some things I have learned over this last year that really stuck with me and that I hope to carry into this next amazing year. 

  1. I am worth more than my weight. 
    1. This was probably my biggest takeaway for 27. This is the one I dug in and worked HARD on. This is what opened me up to my desire to help other women realize the same thing. We are pulled in so many different directions as to what can define us, some good and some not so good. I no longer wanted my weight to be something that held me back, made me shrink or made me miss out. It has absolutely been an up and down journey but I feel so proud of my body now and truly feel like it is finally my friend. Loving your body is a freeing experience and one I encourage you to chase after as well. 
  2. Change doesn't always have to be hard.
    1. I actually think I like change...and I say that until I am sure I experience a change where I say F this haha but at 27 I moved back to my hometown (Austin) and though it wasn't something I thought I would ever do, I am beyond thankful we did. It can be easy to stay in our comfortable bubble but so wonderful to step outside of it. Honestly, moving to Austin was pretty easy, partially because I am from here and have friends and family still here and partially because I think it was what we were supposed to do. When you embrace change and are open to the possibilities of why this change might be happening it allows you to see the good in it, rather than focus on all of the things that are no longer the same. 
  3. Sometimes the leap of faith opens you up to fulfilling your dreams, but it's not always easy
    1. Working for myself has already been such an amazing opportunity but to take the leap and rebrand from personal training and lifestyle coaching to hone in on what I really care about is a dream come true. Helping women fall in love with their bodies, create a kinder & more peaceful relationship with themselves and maintain lifestyle habits that they enjoy has been what I always dreamed of doing. It's a harder road because a lot of people want the "easier" or more convenient solution rather than changing the relationship with their bodies, but it is by far a more fulfilling road to journey down. When there is a true calling on your heart like this is for me, it doesn't matter how challenging it can be, it's always better than doing something you are not created to do. If there is something pulling at you, I encourage you to seek after it. Lean into your calling because we are not all called to the same thing. So we need each of us to be brave enough to do what we are created to do, no matter how scary it might be. It's not promised to be easy, but it's usually worth it! 
  4. Some years will be more exciting than others, enjoy each one for what makes it unique.
    1. At 27, I was able to travel to Europe with TJ (and friends), as well as multiple other friendship trips that left me feeling more blessed than words can describe. I moved cities back to my hometown, Austin and honestly feel like I'm home and love it. Became an Aunt for the first time to my beautiful niece, Kiyah. Got my fourth tattoo. Went fully platinum blonde. Rebranded my business. And probably more I am forgetting about! It's easy to forget all the things we get to do and focus on what we didn't or aren't getting to do but when you look back and take the time to appreciate things, you realize how blessed you really are. 
  5. You can't chase someone else's dreams.
    1. Each of us are wonderfully and uniquely made. However, when I get on Instagram I see people's lives sometimes and think, yup that's what I want. I don't want to do this anymore, I just want to travel and take pictures all over the world. And then I realize that as amazing as that sounds...at least for now...that is not my path. And I can't chase someone else's dream designed for them. I have to walk my own. And though it will change over time it is mine to walk and mine to follow. It is a beautiful thing that we all get to experience life differently, and just because it's different, doesn't make it better or worse. There will always be someone with more and someone with less. Focus on your dream, your passion, your path and you will stop caring about what others are doing. When we are fully invested in our journey it allows us to be happier for those succeeding theirs, we don't have to feel jealous or threatened because we are content with what we have. 
  6. You don't have to be friends with everyone
    1. I have a deep need to be liked. I'm working on it I assure you but let's just face it. I pretty much want to be friends with everyone and if you don't...I actually take it really personally...but like I said...working on it. But this year, especially with the move, I realized that there will be people in my life who are there for a season and not always there for another. It doesn't mean there was anything wrong with me and it doesn't mean there was anything wrong with them. It just means that I can't keep every friend I've ever made and that it's not personal. I am worth the effort as a friend but so are others and if you can't both mutually give, then maybe it's time to focus your energy elsewhere. I want to make sure that the people I love feel loved and if I am constantly chasing new friends and investing in people that don't invest back, I lose the opportunity to deepen the incredible friendships I already have in my life. I hate losing friends but it does make you appreciate the ones you get to keep so much more! 

Whelp, that's all I've got for now! I'm probably going to go start celebrating hehe. TJ and I actually got married on my birthday so there is so much to celebrate tomorrow and I can't wait! What better gift than an incredible husband that loves and supports me and my dreams!? 

I challenge you to reflect back on each year and write all the things you loved, worked through, changed, and appreciated...it's fun looking back and seeing how far you've come! What would you say are the top things you've learned at this age? I would love to hear them!