What does self-acceptance look like?

I think there is a misconception on what it means to love yourself from the inside out. That if we ultimately loved ourselves then we would no longer try. We wouldn't care about what we looked like, ate, did in our spare time and so on. 

Wearing makeup doesn't mean you're hiding and still insecure. Not wearing makeup doesn't mean you're automatically confident and secure. By making these judgments about how we choose to show up in the world we are going against everything we are trying to change!

Judgment based on our physical bodies and how we show up!! 

It's not so important how you show up, it's the why behind it. Sure, there are absolutely women who are insecure, looking for attention and show up in a way to mask that. But there are also a lot of women who show up in a different way hoping to hide and not be seen because they are insecure too. 

Assuming that self-acceptance manifests itself in one way no longer creates the space for each of us to show up as ourselves. Loving ourselves looks different to each of us. It's important to learn for ourselves what that means. By first allowing ourselves to feel comfortable we can then create the space for others to do the same.

At the end of the day, it ultimately isn't any of your business what others think about you! Free yourself from this concern and allow yourself to show up as you feel most comfortable! If that's full hair and makeup, great! If it's sweats and a top knot, that's great too! There is no right or wrong, there's just YOU! 

When it comes to loving yourself the most important part is what's on the inside! You can let that shine through on the outside in whatever way you want but there isn't a right way to do that! Loving yourself means you can show up in many ways and still feel confident and worthy of the space you take up! 

Want to see my live video I did this week on the topic? Check it out below!! 

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