Worth More Than Your Weight Workbook


Did you see last week the launch of my Worth More Than Your Weight Workbook?! I am so excited about this but wanted to share with you a little more behind why I did it and what I hope you get out of it! 

The journey to better loving and accepting yourself can be hard. It takes a lot of time, a lot of work and a lot of patience, especially when the people around you don't really get it. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your weight (just more of general insecurity stuff) and sometimes that's all you can focus on. There are highs and lows and everything in between, trust me, I've been there. 

A little over a year ago I was that girl. I felt lost and frustrated. I was trying to help women be healthy and love themselves but when everyone came to me for weight loss I felt like I was living a double standard. I wanted to help them love themselves but how could I separate that from weight loss? 

Enter, the beginning of my own body image and confidence journey! 

Of course, I struggled with wanting to lose weight. Of course, I worried about how I showed up in this world. As a trainer, the pressure to look a certain way is high and on top of that being in Dallas and lucky enough to have some very pretty and successful friends I was in no shortage of bars to measure myself up too. I felt like the road I had been on hadn't been working so what could it hurt to try something else. 

I decided to start researching, reading, applying new habits and working through others courses all geared towards helping me create a more positive relationship with my body and food. This took time but slowly I felt like the veil was being removed from my eyes and I was starting to see our society and the health industry for what it was. 

Exterior focused and money making.

When I could finally see past the smoke and mirrors to their ultimate goal: making me feel insecure so I purchased their product, I was able to see just how much effort they put behind making me feel less than. This shift in power gave me the courage to keep digging in, asking questions, doing the research and learning about why I felt so insecure about my body. 

As I begin to feel more powerful, more confident and more at peace with myself I realized that THIS....THIS feeling is what I wanted to help women with too. Once I was able to ditch the diets and start living well I was able to actually start enjoying food, getting excited about movement and more excited about showing some skin! 

That is why I began creating the Worth More Than Your Weight Workbook. Because I want to allow you to get your feet wet on this journey with me too. Instead of buying that next diet book or lunch out, grab this workbook instead. I assure you that a heart shift will go a lot further than a weight shift. 

This workbook is designed to take you through the whole process of cultivating confidence and a better relationship with your body. It is broken up into three sections with 4 chapters in each (see below)


We start by uncovering unproductive narratives of our past and why we have these views, triggers that create more insecurity and why you want to make these changes in the first place. Then we move to create a foundation built upon understanding health, and healthy habits from the inside out. Lastly, we apply it! This is KEY! All of this information is great but nothing changes if you don't apply any of it! 

This workbook is for YOU! The woman who is ready to show up and accept and love all that you are! This does not mean you still can't want to change your life or even your body, but the hope is that it comes from a place of love rather than a place of judgement or hate. We are all constantly changing and growing but wouldnt it be better to grow from a place of peace? You can do this! You can choose to have a life and body you love. Free from the baggage and insecuirty of your past. You can choose to do this for youself.

Take this first step with me! I've been there, I've walk this joureny and I am promising that doing this work is WORTH IT! Don't waste another second thinking you aren't enough because babe you are. Don't waste another second delaying life until you are thinner or happier, choose to purse that joy now! Don't waste another second thinking you don't deserve this. You do. 


Grab your workbook today and get started! I can't wait to cheer you on!