Why Self Love Matters

I call myself a self-love coach because for many people it takes practice, effort and time to get from a place of self-hate to self-love. It takes guidance, encouragement and insight on how to navigate that path if you choose to start down it. But why does self-love matter? Why don’t we settle for the world thinking we’re great, even if we don’t? Why don’t we focus on striving to be as thin as possible, even if it means being unhealthy? That if we can tolerate our bodies, our lives, our jobs and our circumstances then that will be enough?

We can’t because there is a part of us (maybe deep down for you) that knows we are worth more than that.

Self-love is a choice, a choice you have the power to make even if those around you haven’t made the same choice or don’t understand your actions as a result of this inner shift. You see, self-love can look different for each of us. It doesn’t mean you give up taking care of yourself but it also doesn’t mean that you prioritize your physical self above your mental and inner self.

Choosing love matters.

All of our actions, big and small are fueled by an inner truth. A truth that we are enough or that we aren’t. I am thankful that through a lot of healing work and my faith, I have come to realize, accept and embrace the fact that I am worthy and loved just as I am. There is strength in this mindset because it means the lies I’m told from our culture don’t ring as true as they used too.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Summer’s more fun with a six-pack

Once you hit your goal weight, then you’ll get a boyfriend

Life is more fun when you’re thin

The juice cleans will be worth it if I can fit into the dress

This diet is the answer I need and then I’ll stop

These lies are fed to us constantly. These lies are rooted in focusing on all the things you wish you could change about yourself, not the things you love. These lies make you want to delay living until later because they make you believe life is better later.

Instead, when you focus on self-love you essentially have a BS monitor that allows you to challenge and question these ideas. It allows you to step back and really ask yourself, “is doing this the best way to show my body/mind/life love?”

See most of the time, when you believe these lies it is because you currently dislike/hate your body. It’s easy to pick it apart and believe the answer is as simple as a little weight loss. It’s easy to feel like these things are true when you don’t know how to live another way.

But another way is possible.

When you finally work to find peace with your body, you finally start making decisions that will allow you and your body to flourish. It will be more about what’s right for you rather than what the latest health magazine is saying. It will be more about accepting all that makes you unique rather than trying to look like every other Instagram model out there. It will be about living your life now rather than waiting until you fee more worthy later.

Self-love is simply defined as a regard for one’s own wellbeing and happiness. When we allow ourselves to flourish we can then pour that love into those and the world around us. The world needs more confident people acting out of love rather than fear or insecurity. It needs more bold women confident in the way they were created. It needs more kind women showing acceptance to those around them.

Self-love matters. It matters so much more than you realize, but when you finally realize it, you will see just how little all the other things you were worried about matter. Fitting in, being thin, following the crowd….those things will all dull and become less of a priority because you will be too focused on living out of love.

When you love yourself you make positive decisions for your life, yourself and those around you. It is not selfish to pursue self-love. It is not conceited or negative. It is that journey that will lead you to contentment, freedom and peace. It is that journey that will help you realize you already are enough. It is that journey that will inspire and encourage those around you to do the same.

Choosing love matters. Choose to start focusing on self-love first and see just how your life begins to shift!

One of the first ways I started to work on loving myself was to quit dieting. If you want a few simple steps to get started on your journey to ditch dieting as well then grab my FREE download below! The journey is worth it babes and so are you!

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