Why your intentions matter

Lose weight - - - - > Be happy love your life

This is the messaging society tells us. This is what we get sold day after day. That only if we were smaller, then we would be happier. But this is a lie. This is a lie used to exploit you and make money. This is not grounded in reality because if it were, all thin people would be happier and it would honestly be a lot easier to get there. 

But what if instead of the way the world sells it, we flipped it to look like this?

Love your body - - - - > Live healthier 

You see both outcomes look great, but the truth is your starting point is very different. When we base our happiness on a goal like weight loss we reinforce that the habits we instill are not just for our general well being, but for weight loss. We reinforce that we are not going to be happy until we are the weight we want to be. We reinforce that we cannot be healthy until we are smaller. 

All of which is not true! It matters what your intentions are. eEcause your intentions will shape whether or not this becomes a habit you stick too. Your intentions shape whether or not you resent or rejoice over the habits you create. Your intentions shape the value and emphasis you place on the outcome. 

More than likely you've tried to lose weight. More than likely you've dieted a few times. More than likely you've always ended up back where you started. So why do you keep starting the same way? It's time to shift your intentions. 

It's time to realize that weight loss is fine but not if you think it's going to make you the person you're waiting to be. Not if you think it's your key to happiness and success. Not if its where you find your value. Weight loss is only the occurrence of your body letting go of fat or muscle that it no longer needs or is serving it. 

But what happens to your habits when you've reched the weight loss OR the weight loss doesnt happen? Well if you were only chosing these habits for weight loss then more than likely you ditch the habits. They no longer serve you either. 

This is why your intentions matter. 

Healthy habits are great! But not if it's only because you desire to be smaller. Not if you are so consumed by those habits that you have lost touch with yourself and balance with your life. Not if those habits don't bring any other benefit than calorie deficit to you. 

We are misusing amazing habits for the wrong reasons. This is why we struggle to eat a healthier diet, live an active lifestely and practice healthier habits. Because our intentions behind them has been driven by weight loss. We havne't really been taught why else these things are important even when you stop losing weight or don't need to lose any at all. 

These habits still matter! You intentions matter! 

Stop making great decisions for lousy reasons. You'll end up resenting the decisions any way at some point because at some point your body will stop. It will stop losing weight, or stop gaining muscle or stop preforming how it used to and you will need to have a better reason than weight loss to keep going. 

Shift your intentions today! Move because you CAN! Eat a new vegetable because it's delicous! Meditate for 10 minutes because it's worth it. Look in the mirror and think one positive thing about yourself because there are actually 100 to choose from. Choose to do these habits because they are a way to honor and grow. Not a way to shrink down. Whether the shrinking happens or not, do not be fooled by what those habits are really for!

They are for creating a better, happier and healthier you. Notice I did't say a smaller you?

So what are your intentions?

Kami BleaseComment