Why we FOMO diet

First let me explain what I mean by FOMO dieting. I mean the diet you go on with your friends just so you won’t feel left out as they all bond over the shared experience of restriction and obsession together. I mean misery does love company right?

For some reason these days dieting with your friends can feel like a bonding experience, a way to connect, to grow closer and...to be included. We love creating new memories with our friends and it can be hard when all your besties are starting a new diet next Monday and you're trying to decide if you should join in or not.

Some of the thoughts that might cross your mind:

They will all look amazing and I will be the only one who doesn't.

They will get closer and I will be left out.

They will talk about me if I don’t join in.

Maybe this diet really will work for us.

It’ll be like a Sex and the City moment and we can do it together.

These lies keep us blinded to the fact that dieting doesn’t work and even doing it with friends will more than likely still make us feel miserable and hungry.

Trust me, I joined in on the friend diet more than once. It’s all over social media or all your friends are talking about it so why not? What could be the harm?

The harm is that yet again you are not listening to your body and you are choosing to focus on being thin rather than healthy and happy. Though healthy and happy might be the end goal it is not obtained when you use unrealistic measures to get there. Sure maybe you can all cut out carbs and workout 5 days a week together for a bit but eventually (even if weight is lost) you will start to fall back into old patterns, leaving yourself feeling ashamed and frustrated.

This does not need to happen though. You can choose to be smarter than your friends and instead of dieting together, focus on creating lives and bodies you love from the inside out. Choose to diet from diets themselves and instead focus on the inward journey first. Often we seek dieting as the answer to numerous problems…

Our insecrutities

Our lonliness

Our anger

Our need for control

Our belief that it’s the only way to get healthy

Our sadness

Our struggle with comparison

But diets won’t fix these things because these things are not a physical problem. These things start inside of us. These struggles will not go away when you lose 10 lbs or even 50 lbs because our weight really doesn’t matter when it comes to a lot of those hurts. Though we think it does, and we are told it does, I can assure you that even when getting to my goal weight I wasn’t happier or more free. I was hungry, obsessive and fearful of ever gaining the weight back. Which I did of course and that only left me feeling worse about myself.

My life only changed when I gave up dieting. When I gave up chasing a number. When I threw out my scale and my diet books. My life only changed when I sat with myself and asked myself “WHY”.

Why did I think losing weight would make me happier?

Why did I think being smaller would make me more successful?

Why did I think I needed to look like those other girls?

Why did I find so much of my worth in my appearance?

These questions were a lot harder to answer than what to eat the next day. These questions took a lot more work than looking up a simple workout routine. But answering these questions gave me the freedom to eat and move in a way I loved for the first time in my life without fear of judgement or failure.

Choose to answer these questions first. Choose to make loving yourself a priorety and answering these questions will be one of the first things you want to do. No more FOMO dieting. Your friends are going to feel FOMO when they see you living your life free from the shackles that once held you. Don;t fear missing out on another diet, fear missing out on life because of diets! You are missing out on so much more when your priorety is weight loss. You are missing out on so much more when your worth is defined by a number.

Ask yourself why and stop fearing missing out because once you are living, you won’t miss out on a thing!

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