How to feel confident in your workout class

They say half the battle of working out is just getting dressed and showing up…but what about the other part. The part of you that’s insecure and self-conscious about working out in front of others?

For many people it’s not just about getting there. It’s about the thoughts running through their head of:

“What if I can’t do it as well as the people around me?”

“What if I mess up?”

“What if I look stupid?”

“What if I’m the most out of shape person there?”

“What if I hate it?”

“What if I can’t do everything right?”

These thoughts can be paralyzing and keep us from moving forward and branching out. But the truth is, a lot of people have these thoughts before going to workout, so you are not alone!

Truly the most important thing after showing up, is to just try your best and be kind to yourself! It’s not about being the best, especially if you are just starting your fitness journey or new to the class. It’s about trying, it’s about making the effort to move your body! This in itself is a huge accomplishment for many people so already you are killing it!

The other reality is that most of the thoughts you are playing out in your head will not become a reality and no one will probably be thinking them. This is just your fear talking. That little voice that doesn’t want to step out of the box or be uncomfroable. But you do not want to be ruled by this voice! Do not let it get the best of you!

So how can you feel confident and enjoy your workout classes more? Check out these tips below!

  1. Go with a friend! Sometimes it’s helpful to just look over at a friend and laugh together especially if you both are new to the class then you both get to learn together! Having someone there to encourage and support you helps make the whole experience a lot less daunting!

  2. Stay in your zone. When you start looking around and comparing yourself to those around you both in class or in life, you get distratcted and that is usualy when you stumble and go off course. When you realize everyone is there to get in a good sweat and work on themselves you realize no one is looking around judging or comparing themselves so neither should you! Working out is not about being better than your neighbor, it’s about moving your body and taking care of yourself. When you workout for the right reasons and for reasons deeper than physical, you end up focusing more on your own improvement and skill verses anyone else’s.

  3. Start off with a trainer one-on-one! I trained numerous people who told me one of the main reasons they liked the idea of a trainer is it was more private. It gave them a chance to start at their own pace and compete with themselves rather than those around them! I love working with women of all fitness levels and it’s so fun to see each of them reach new goals and get stronger. If you are interested in booking a few sessions reach out here!

  4. Start with yoga! Or any class that focuses on your own journey and your unique body preferences. I rarely did yoga when my goal was weight loss because I did not see it as productive. Ultimately I was totally missing the point of working out as well as yoga! Yogas foundation is built upon simple movements that you build upon, going at your own pace and creating an environment of positivity and acceptance. I feel so comfortable in yoga classes because it’s so obvious that everyone there is in their own space, working on themselves and competing with themselves. If you are wanting to start taking classes I would start with yoga! I love Black Swan Yoga here in Austin!

  5. Keep trying new things! So maybe you disliked the first class or didn’t connect with the instructor. Try again! Don’t just throw up your hands because one didn’t work. It will take some time to see what is the best fit for you so don’t be afraid to realize something isn’t working and trying something new instead!

So how will you be getting sweaty this week?