Why you might not be as healthy as you think

Often, for many people we define health by how we look physically. If someone is thin, toned, muscular or what have you…we assume they are healthy. If someone is fat, average, older and what have you…we assume they are not.

Our assumptions around health have led to numerous eating disordered behavior flying under the radar and healthy behavior being overlooked due to physical appearance.

But more than just how you look physically we skip over one of the most important aspects of gauging our health.

Our mind.

The ugly truth is that there are a lot of people we assume are happy and healthy because of how they look physically. We dismiss hardships because life just looks like it should be easier for them. And maybe you’re right, maybe in some ways life is easier. But that should not dismiss what could be going on inside.

For a long time, I focused on my physical health and saw my mental health as a nice to have. I assumed that if I could just look how I thought I was supposed to look then happiness would follow. That I couldn’t be truly happy until someone told me I was #bodygoals.

This mindset encouraged behavior that was NOT healthy, even if it looked like it was on the outside. This is because my body followed my mind…and my mind was not happy.

So are you going through the motions of a healthy life with a mind that is on the brink of depression? Are you making decisions fueled by a mind that sees you as not good enough yet. Are you focusing and hoping that the physical changes will be enough?

Darling, here and now, I want you to pause and realize that this black hole is not going to bring you to the light. The light of happiness, self-love and acceptance does not come through social affirmation and weight loss.

The healthiest you can be is not thin.

The healthiest you can be is when you are in a place where your decisions are in tune with what your body wants and needs and there is no measure of shame or judgement.

The work you do to create a mindset that is rooted in love might be harder in some ways then weight loss but it will be the easiest decision that changes the rest of your life. Taking time for yourself mentally, is not selfish, it is necessary.

Only you know just how healthy and happy you are. No one else truly does. We need to stop using how we look physically to measure how we feel internally. So how are things for you? For real. Are you putting on a happy face and secretly comparing yourself to every girl around you and not measuring up. Are you posting a picture of your healthy meal only to eat everything else in sight a couple hours later? Are you pretending life is peachy when really all you want to do is cry?

The darker and complicated parts of you are not wrong. There is nothing wrong with you, if you are struggling with these things. I see you. I’ve been there.

What we need to acknowledge is that change starts from within. That loving yourself is the best and first priorety over almost anything else. Because a mindset fueled by love makes better decisions.

So today, instead of another diet book or weight loss program or just brushing it under the rug, try one of these things below to work on the inside a bit. The outside parts of you will be there waiting but your mindset needs to be the first shift.

  1. Talk to someone. This could be a professional or a friend. But community and support is one of the most important things we can have in our life. Even when things are going well, having someone to talk things through with is helpful. When we say our fears or struggles aloud to someone else, we take away some of the power they hold over us. Maybe we realize how absurd we sound or maybe we found out we aren’t alone in those thoughts. Either way, it’s time to hold those thoughts up to the light and have someone there to walk along side you through that.

  2. Rewire your thoughts. Do you regularly and constantly think negative things about yourself or others? These thoughts are slowly becoming stronger and more natural the more often you think them. It’s time to change course and create new thoughts. This can be done simply by acknowledging the negative thought, dismissing it and think an alternative neutral or positive thought. Or by saying regular affirmations in hopes of creating new pathways, with new positive thoughts that soon become stronger than the old. Our brains want to do less work and will go where is most comfortable and consistent, it is our choice if those thoughts are negative or positive.

  3. Grab my workbook! My Worth More Than Your Weight Workbook is ALL about the internal work and narrative we have about ourselves. There are 15 simple sections, and activities all geared towards unearthing the old and rebuilding the new. This is your chance to create a mindset you want your body to follow. This is a simple action you can take to show your commitment to yourself! Grab yours HERE!

  4. Check in with those around you! It’s easy to become focused on ourselves and our struggles but like #1, community is so important and it’s very likely someone you know and love could be hurting. So let your loved ones know you care, let them know you are here for them and be someone they feel comfortable coming to and being honest with. We do not have to journey alone so be a companion to those around you and you will all lift each other up!

So which action are you going to take today to focus on your mental health?