What Does it Mean to be Authentic

Authenticity is not a new word or even necessarily a new idea. It is something that many people have pursued and hope to be. However, it seems to be a new buzz word these days in rising age of social media.


We tend to feel drawn towards people who we feel are more genuine, real or honest with their lives. It makes them feel more approachable rather than this aspirational person who we do not feel connected to. The tricky part with authenticity though is that sometimes we don't allow others to be authentic because it doesn't fit our idea of what life is really like. But that's not fair, we are all different, living different lives and loving different things. Take an opportunity to get to know someone and pretty quickly you will see who they really are. 

These days we are all trying to be something, the perfect mom, the girl boss, the best body, the smartest girl in the room, the trendiest girl at school..sometimes a combination of a few of these. It's exhausting to try and fit yourself into these categories rather than just figuring out what makes you happy and pursuing that in life. Giving up on being everyone else's idea of you, and just deciding to be you will, in the end, make you much more successful and much happier. 

Authenticity takes practice. It takes practice, to be honest in a way that allows you to be yourself without fear of judgment. Authenticity takes courage. It takes courage because most people don't like not fitting in, or being judged or feeling insecure. But you courageously living your life to the truest extent is what inspires others to do the same. You know those girls who exemplify this. Who without a doubt are comfortable being themselves. They attract people naturally because in this over-filtered world it is nice to find someone who isn't hiding behind this perfect idea of themselves.

So let's do a trade out: 

Encouragement rather than competition

Kindness rather than hate

Love rather than judgement

Hustle rather than jealousy 

Authenticity rather than fakeness

Now more than ever we need these things. Now more than ever we need to stop comparing ourselves to the highlight reel around us or try to measure up the the societal standard dictated by a culture that doesnโ€™t actually care about us. You, as you are, are wonderful. You, with your quirks and uniqueness are what this world needs.

 I challenge you to live filter free, authentically. It is possible, it is worth it, and you can do it! Is there a side of yourself you have feared sharing with others? Is there something you know you could be doing to be more authentic? Let us know! And if you know a boss babe who is living authentically, tell her how much you admire her, these little things go a long way.