Sometimes You're Already Doing Enough

Happy New Year friends! As we are in full swing of goals and resolutions I want to chime in for a slightly different reminder. You see, as much as I looovvveee goals and growth and challenging myself, one of the most important lessons I started to learn last year and am continuing to work on, is that sometimes I am already doing enough.

You might not feel that way because there is always like there is a new diet to try, a new book to read, a new trip to save up for, a new job to find, a new friend to make, a new obstacle to overcome and so on. There is always something.

So what I am currently resting in, is that somedays I am already doing enough. For a lot of us, the goals are not external but internal. And that change is harder to see and to celebrate. It takes a lot of work to dig through our past narratives and hangups. It’s hard work to rewire our thoughts so they become our cheerleader and not our bully. It’s hard work to rebuild a toxic relationship with food or fitness. All of this work is hard, it’s necessary and sometimes it doesn’t show itself on the surface for a long time.

If you are in a season where before you can worry about the diet, or the trip or the job you’ve realized you’ve got some inner work that needs to be done first then this is your reminder that you are doing enough. Somedays, just showing up is enough. Somedays, just letting yourself eat when your hungry and rest when your tired is enough.

We’ve lost touch with the voice inside that helps guide us and traded it in for a culture of doing more. But that voice is still there. And often when we ignore it and push through it the final result ends up not going as well as planned or not working out at all.

I cheer you on in any of your new goals this year, whatever they are! But before you start working through your list of changing so many things about your life because this is finally your year, maybe acknowledge all you have already been doing. Maybe create space to remind yourself that in a lot of ways you are already doing so much.

Now this is not an excuse to give up or to stop trying. This is just a friendly reminder that even if it’s hard to see how far you’ve come on the surface and maybe people don’t know about the battles going on inside, just choosing to show up for yourself today is enough.

The reality is that only when we realize that we are enough outside of all of our goals and our to-do lists will we really be able to change and grow and thrive. Those checklists will not fulfill you and this year does not have to be about a new you. Sometimes it’s about finally accepting who you are and flourishing in that before seeking to change it.

So whatever your day, week or start to this year has looked like, maybe you’re already doing enough!