5 Yummy Valentine's Day Treats

I love Valentine’s Day and not just because I am married but because I’ve always loved making the shoe boxes for Valentine’s Day cards, sending little love you notes and honestly just appreciating the people around me. I’ve celebrated Galantine’s Day a few times as well and strongly recommend this tradition whether you are single or not! Celebrate the women in your life who build you up and make you stronger. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be fun if you’re in a relationship. It is what you make of it, so choose to make the most out of it!

So however you choose to celebrate I wanted to share with you a few yummy (some healthy) treats to take to work, over to a friends or for someone you love!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

I mean let’s be real! This is a classic and honestly oh, so good! I used to make these all the time in college but am making them again this year!

Superfood Breakfast Cookies

Now I know that Valentine’s Day can be very focused on treats so why not change things up and bring in some healthy but still delicious cookies to start the day off right. I love how the cranberry seeds and pumpkin seeds add some color and make them a fun addition to the cookie table!

Image From  Wife Mama Foodie

Image From Wife Mama Foodie

Heart Shaped Soft Buttery Pretzels

So TJ and I have actually made pretzels a couple times and they turned out so well! They are a great appetizer and fun snack food and so simple to make! Impress everyone by showing up with these delicious treats! I recommend bring spicy mustard and making a homemade beer cheese to go along with them!

Heart Shaped Snack Board

Oh how I love this idea if you are pressed for time! Don’t worry about baking or making anything, just cut out heart shapes of the treats and you will be good to go. And I mean who doesn’t love a good cheese and veggie board right?!

Image From  Foxes Loves Lemons

Pomegranate Ice Cubes

Whether you plan to make a fun cocktail or just want to drink water you can easily spice up any beverage with these ice cubes. You could even add pomegranates to a normal ice tray in a pinch since it still adds such a great color and texture pop!

Image From  Two Loves Studio

Image From Two Loves Studio

So which one is your favorite? I am tempted to add the snack board and ice cubes to my dinner plans now that they look so fun! We will be staying in and cooking dinner with some of our friend! What will you be up too?