3 Steps to More Confidence

Every Friday I send out a newsletter focused on tips and tricks for loving your body and living life to the fullest. A few weeks ago I sent out a newsletter talking about confidence and since it resonated with some of you I wanted to share it here for more to read and be encouraged by! If you would like some weekly encouragement in your inbox make sure you sign up for my newsletter HERE and I will send you a little freebie!

When it comes to confidence, the reality is that it’s accessible to each of us. This is an exciting truth because this means you can change your perspective and your mindset today and start feeling more confidence. The world needs more confident and brave women at peace with who they are and ready to set the world on fire.

  1. You have to believe you are worthy of it! I know I know. It sounds kinda like a duh, but honestly, if you always doubt that you are worthy of your dreams, of embracing your body or embracing your life you will miss out on the simple opportunities to do so. When you don't open your eyes to what could be possible you will remain stuck where you are. Being confident isn't about having everything figured out and perfect, it's being willing to embrace where you're at and know that you are worth the space you take up. 

  2. Find the things that pump you up and inspire you! Maybe is a dress, a song, a lip color or a motivational speech set to music. Whatever that thing is (or those few things are) embrace them and do them often. Our minds get into a routine and love patterns so any time you are feeling unsure or discouraged, do one of the things that always gets you out of it and your mind will know the next step. This is a great habit to get into when you have big meetings, important conversations, new experiences or are honestly just having an off day. Find the things that help you shake it off and remind you that you are powerful and you are confident!

  3. Build it up over time! Sometimes we can want to go from hating something about ourselves our lives to fully loving and embracing it and that usually just doesn't happen. We have to start small and build up to confidence most of the time. If you've been constantly told you are not smart, or not pretty, or not worthy, it's going to take time to unbelieve that. So find a simple small thing that builds your confidence. Maybe it's making a good meal for friends, doing well on a business presentation, planning a fun date night, drawing a cool picture or organizing the heck outta your closet (can I get an amen from Maire and the tidying method!). Anything that makes you feel accomplished and proud of yourself is a great start. Even learning a brand new skill over time, like an instrument or language will show you that you are capable of change and growth which then shifts your mindset on what else you are capable of.

I know this can sound simplified but that doesn’t make it impossible. Know that you are worthy of this confidence and though it make take time, you can absolutely get to a place where you radiate confidence in your own way!

Do you have any tricks you do to feel more confident? I would love to hear them so share them in the comments below!



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