Shaping Your Purchases Toward Improving Your Life While Sticking to a Budget

Today I am sharing a guest post written by Dylan Foster from When he isn’t working as an office assistant, he enjoys DIY projects at home and hiking with his dog. I thought this would be a great piece to help you learn about different products available to help you improve your lifestyle that won’t break the bank! Let me know what you think!

Sometimes, it’s essential to step back and evaluate life. Contemplating where we are in comparison to where we would like to be can be daunting, but it allows you to formulate a plan which should include your own well-being.  If you’re looking to make improvements in your life this year while sticking to your budget, shape your personal shopping purchases around things that will improve your energy and give you perspective to achieve your goals.


For many of us, getting a solid night of sleep is a hard-to-achieve goal.  The American Psychological Association explains that good sleep habits are vital to lowering stress levels and living a healthy life. If a few more Zs would improve your well-being, here are some great ideas:

●      Cooling mat.  Many people can’t seem to stay comfortable through the night, and sometimes a cool layer is soothing to achy backs.  If you’re seeking nighttime relief in the form of soft, chill coziness, a cooling mat may be the perfect slumber solution.  Some of these mats conform to your body for comfort and are made with medical-grade materials that won’t leak if the exterior is cut.  

●      Moisture-wicking sheets.   For couples who tend to sleep hot, a moisture-wicking sheet should help keep you cool during those warmer nights.  The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats sheet sports a thread count of 1,500 and comes in a variety of colors.  The $80 price tag might sound a little pricey, but you can help shave down that price by using in-store specials and online deals like Amazon coupons.

●      Sleep mask.  Many people just need a dark room to catch a nap.  A good sleep mask can be soothing and allows you to shut out light.  You can pick up a good sleep mask from Walmart for as low as $3.59


How you feel about yourself is important. Healthy self-esteem motivates you to follow your dreams and make choices that improve your life, so making purchases in honor of that is money well spent. Here are just two ideas.

●      Upgraded wardrobe.  The way we present ourselves to the world is something to take pride in, so if you need a few new clothing items to put your best foot forward, go for it. Invest in classic, rather than trendy, pieces so you can wear them year after year.  If you don’t feel like splurging, check out sites like thredUP, which bills itself as the world’s largest online consignment and thrift store.

●      Work with a personal trainer.  Starting and sticking to a workout routine is a game changer as far as improving your health and boosting your self-esteem. However, if you’ve never had a true exercise routine, aren’t sure where to start, or could benefit from extra motivation and guidance, a personal trainer or wellness coach is worth looking into.


Without enough downtime to decompress, your health can suffer.  Improve your overall wellness with choices that encourage additional and better quality relaxation. 

●      Essential oils.  If you’re looking for aromatherapy to help you de-stress, suggests the Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm ($30).  Citrus, spice and eucalyptus blend in a soothing temple balm which you can apply to your fingertips, the back of your neck, temples, and earlobes.

●      Coloring books.  Adult coloring books are all the rage, and with good reason since they offer a creative, meditative outlet. They’re available in a variety of themes and from online and brick-and-mortar retailers.  Pair that with some color pencils and/or crayons and you have a well-budgeted day of entertainment and relaxation.

Good Food

Eating well is an important piece of tending to your well-being.  With good nutrition, you can stay healthy and maintain your energy level. 

●      Meal subscription.  A good meal delivery service not only feeds you well but also frees up your time to do other things.  Try Blue Apron, a subscription service whose vision is dedicated to providing farm-fresh, seasonal produce, sustainable seafood, and hormone-free meats from responsible agricultural methods. 

●      Veggie spiralizer.  A good slicer can make preparing and eating your vegetables fun.  The Poderno World Cuisine Veggie Spiralizer ($30) is recommended by experts

When framing your budget-conscious splurge list, be proactive and include items to help aim you toward a better life.  Think about improving wellness through more sleep, better relaxation, healthy eating habits and improved self-esteem.  Choosing items that promote your whole being in this way sets you on the path toward a happier, healthier you.