How many more times will you ask yourself, what if?

What if…..

the dream on my heart could become a reality…

the belief that I’ll be happier if I’m skinnier isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...

I wasn’t so worried about others opinion of me…

I finally followed through on taking the necessary steps to change my life…

I just went for it…

I loved myself…

It’s easy to go on the merry go round of “what if” and imagine a life different than the one we are currently living. It’s easy to dream, it’s easy to speculate and it’s easy to imagine…but what if…you stopped asking “what if,” and just went for it.

What if instead of waiting until tomorrow, or Monday or next year, you just started today. I have always loved the quote, “Day One, or One Day” and I think what if gets really wrapped up in the one day category. But the truth is, you’ll never get to that one day if you don’t have a day one.

You need to choose to start. You need to choose to act. You need to stop letting the question of “what if” keep you stuck in imagination land rather than making your dreams a reality.

And look, babe, I know it’s hard. Trust me, I constantly have these what if dreams or fears come through, and a lot of the time its easy to want to freeze up or stress out. But instead, I try and do one of these few things:

  1. Put them on my dream board to keep them top of mind and focused

  2. Do something that immediately moves me a fraction of a step closer to those dreams

  3. Challenge the fears with the opposite idea or neutralize it

What do all of these things have in common? Some form of action! Some form of ownership!

Don’t let another year go by wondering all the what if’s about your life, only to realize you’ve done nothing to get you closer, nothing to change your perspective, nothing to change your habits. It’s easy to stay in our bubble and dream but it’s hard to get out there and chase them.

Girl, it’s time to chase them. It’s time to stop asking what if and start saying right now. RIGHT NOW you are capable of change, RIGHT NOW you are capable of flipping the script on your body image, RIGHT NOW you are capable of taking action that gets you closer to becoming the person you ultimately want to be.

No more what if’s. No more one day. The time is now!

So, what are the things you are going to stop putting off? What are the things you are going to stop saying what if and start acting on? Let me know in the comments below.