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Why Gratitude Is Important (But Sometimes Hard)

I’ve shared many times before that I think it’s important to start each day with a grateful heart. Grateful for simple things, like a sunny day or warm coffee, to big things like being healthy, a job you love or a trip you get to go on.

It can be easy to brush off this mindset and ritual when you don’t realize just how important and helpful it can be. So of course, in honor of Thanksgiving this week I am going to be a little cliche and talk about why it’s important to be grateful, even when it’s hard.

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3 Tips to Practice Eating Intuitively

Intuitive eatings has been an instrumental way that I have changed and shaped my relationship with food. I’m no longer following diet plans and though I love to look up healthy recipes, I also have enjoyed looking up just yummy recipes in general and eating those as well. There is a peaceful harmony that is created when you take back the power from the diet industry and instead listen to your bodies natural cravings and hunger/fullness signals.

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