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3 Steps to More Confidence

When it comes to confidence, the reality is that it’s accessible to each of us. This is an exciting truth because this means you can change your perspective and your mindset today and start feeling more confidence. The world needs more confident and brave women at peace with who they are and ready to set the world on fire

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10 Motivational Quotes to get you Inspired!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite inspirational quotes to get you motivated again. I am a BIG believer in visual and verbal affirmations and have reminders on my phone and in my house about things I am working on and need to be motivated about. Save these and make them your home screen or even print them out and put them on your mirror or in your office.

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Why Self Love Matters

Why does self-love matter? Why don’t we settle for the world thinking we’re great, even if we don’t? Why don’t we focus on striving to be as thin as possible, even if it means being unhealthy? That if we can tolerate our bodies, our lives, our jobs and our circumstances then that will be enough? Because there is a part of us (maybe deep down for you) that knows you are worth more than that.

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3 Tips to Practice Eating Intuitively

Intuitive eatings has been an instrumental way that I have changed and shaped my relationship with food. I’m no longer following diet plans and though I love to look up healthy recipes, I also have enjoyed looking up just yummy recipes in general and eating those as well. There is a peaceful harmony that is created when you take back the power from the diet industry and instead listen to your bodies natural cravings and hunger/fullness signals.

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Why you might not be as healthy as you think

Often, for many people we define health by how we look physically. If someone is thin, toned, muscular or what have you…we assume they are healthy. If someone is fat, average, older and what have you…we assume they are not.

Our assumptions around health have led to numerous eating disordered behavior flying under the radar and healthy behavior being overlooked due to physical appearance.

But more than just how you look physically we skip over one of the most important aspects of gauging our health.

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