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3 Tips to Practice Eating Intuitively

Intuitive eatings has been an instrumental way that I have changed and shaped my relationship with food. I’m no longer following diet plans and though I love to look up healthy recipes, I also have enjoyed looking up just yummy recipes in general and eating those as well. There is a peaceful harmony that is created when you take back the power from the diet industry and instead listen to your bodies natural cravings and hunger/fullness signals.

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Healthy tricks for eating out

First off, you are in no way obligated to eat healthy every single time you eat out! Often we can deprive ourselves from things we love because we are trying to be “good” when in the end we end up over compensating later to make up for those cravings. When you are free to eat what you want when you want, your cravings reduce and you end up listening to what sounds good for your body, not what you’ve been restricting yourself from.

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Can you be too healthy?

A lot of these habits our culture would be proud of! We would hear, "wow you are so dedicated", "wow you are so disciplined", wow I wish I could eat like you to look like you". We build up this idea that restriction and obsession are something to be proud of. That following a diet is like a badge of honor and cutting carbs is the only way to lose the last little bit of fat. This is why eating disorders are on the rise. This is why more and more young girls are struggling with body image issues. This is why we fear food. 

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