The world has lied to you.


The world has told you that you aren’t pretty enough, that you aren’t small enough, that you aren’t successful enough….YET. That they have the cure all for this and it starts with weight loss.


Society has let you create a narrative that until you look like those thinner girls on Instagram you won’t be worthy of #bodygoals, that people won’t think you’re pretty, that men won’t like you…


They have let you believe that all of this worthiness comes down to your weight. And the simple fix is a diet and exercise.


But we know that isn’t true. Why? Because we’ve tried the diets. We’ve tried the gym memberships and the personal trainers and nothing has stuck. Maybe it worked for a second...but it hasn’t stuck.


And whose fault is that? Well they tell you it’s yours.


But the world has lied to you.


You are beautiful right now, in this moment as you are, all of you.


And you might not believe that you are and that’s okay. Because that takes breaking down the narrative you have been building since childhood. The idea that women are all supposed to be small, fit and fabulous. That everything will be better if you could just be ____ size.


You might feel like this is the cycle you are bound to stay in forever. Diet after diet, bandwagon to bandwagon, gym to gym…


But what if there was no bandwagon to fall off of? That there was no diet you followed or workout program you had to do every week? What if you could live a healthy life without all of those things?


Just hear me out, because I know this might be sounding like crazy talk.


What if instead of obsessing about food, your body, and your insecurities, you decided to show yourself compassion, eat intuitively, move in a way that made you feel alive and finally started living a life you loved from the inside out?


Let me show you how!

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I’m Kami --  Your coach and personal confidence cheerleader!

kami blease

Babes, I’ve been there! Been in the place where I over thought every food I put in my mouth, obsessed about the latest work outs in hopes that they would finally get me results, and worried that I would never be all that I was meant to be. I feared fat, feared food and feared being seen as a failure if I couldn’t look the way I was expected too.

This is an exhausting way to live, especially where there is SO MUCH waiting for you on the other side of body confidence. With that comes life confidence! Comes the belief that you are not defined by your weight and can offer the world so much more.

I found this freedom and I want to share it with you! I still work out, I still eat in a way that nourishes me, and I still eat pizza, wine and fires on the regular. I have found a peace with my body and a confidence far beyond that. I realize that I am worth so much more than what the world tells me I am and I intend to chase all of my dreams and make the most of this beautiful and wonderful life.

This freedom, joy and peace is available to all of us, not just me! It has taken me time to learn all of these things and that is why I want to share this insight with you, in hopes of lessening the time you spend worried about these things that really aren’t that important. Once you free your mind and your life from these social expectations you open yourself up to live so much more deeply and fully. This life is waiting for you, let me help you get there.

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