Hi, I'm Kami Blease your Personal TRAINER

Working out should be fun, sweaty and challenging. You should feel empowered in your body and inspired by your strength.

I didn’t get into personal training just because I loved fitness, I got into personal training because I wanted to help women change their lives. When you choose to commit to your health you are also committing to making yourself and your happiness a priorety.

I don’t just train women for physical results, I work on internal results too. So often when you are seeking weight loss there are deeper things going on as well. If you are after long term results and a lifestyle that sticks, it’s time to work through those deeper things too and I am here to help you do that. Every client gets a self-love program to accompany their personal training program!

I will work to accommodate your schedule, your likes and dislikes and make sure every workout is personalized to fit your needs and goals. I will help you with food, recipes and creating and maintaining healthy daily habits that keep you on track.

You are not alone in this journey. I am here to help you discover and embrace the incredible woman that you are and cheer you on as you create a life and a body you absolutely love!

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