Worth More Than Your Weight Workbook Body Image, Self Love, Kami Blease

Another workout isn't going to fix it.

Another diet isn't going to fix it.

You don't have a weight issue babe, you have a body issue and I'm here to help!

Confidence comes from more than what you look like and it's time to let go of punishing yourself to look a certain way. It's time to start accepting who you are and step in to all you are capable of being.

I created this workbook as the perfect stepping stone to start your journey to body acceptance and a life lived well. Each topic is a specific step to better understanding our culture, your past, yourself and who you ultimately want to be moving forward. You can do multiple sections a week or one a week! The choice is yours because this is your journey! 


The time is now for you to change how you move forward, how you love yourself, think about your body and step into the truth that you are worth more than your weight! 

There are three sections in the workbook each focused on a different phase of your journey!


Each topic comes with reflection questions and additional worksheets if applicable! These are all of the things I used to start creating a more positive relationship with my body and I want to share that with you! 

Take this step. It's time to say yes. It's time to say yes to you and all that you have been waiting for. Aren't you tired of what you've always been doing? Aren't you ready to try something new? It's time to say yes!