Journey to Contentment

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction

Sometimes I struggle because we hear so much that we should always be growing, changing, working on bettering ourselves, pushing ourselves and so on...but sometimes I think the answer isn't always that.

Sometimes I think the answer is finding contentment. 

Contentment does not have to be a bad place. Contentment in your life, body, friendships, and relationships shows a state in which you are happy and grateful. It doesn't automatically mean you no longer care about change but you are choosing to be happy in the here and now. 

When it comes to our bodies I think we should strive for contentment. Realizing that our bodies are the result of our choices, lifestyle, genetics, and circumstances allows us to see it as a whole. That though there might be things we could change we don't have to focus on them. Though things might change down the road, we can still always choose to be content. 

I am working on being more content with the things in my life. That can be hard when I read or see things that make me feel like I'm not living my best life. There are things that make me question, doubt or struggle and to those things, I have started saying, "nope, not today." Today, those will not rule me. Those things will not steal my joy. 

Seeing others find contentment in their lives is so much more inspiring than those who never have enough. There is a reason the phrase 'keeping up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians) is still such a thing for so many people. Wanting something, working for it, getting it, seeing something else you want and moving on. This does not have to be how you choose to see the things, people, relationships, and even our physical bodies.

There will always be someone out there more successful, considered better looking, making more money, showcasing their life in a way that just makes them seem happier. This can steal the joy from our own lives. This can make us question things that we would otherwise not. But we never know the full story, we never know if they are really happy. All we can know is ourselves. 

Choosing to be content AND to dream big are not impossible. They can coexist. Don't fear that if you become content with your life you will stop growing. It is in the moments I am most content that I also feel most inspired to recreate more moments and experiences like that. Choose to be the star of your own life, of a life worth living. Find beauty in the small things, joy in the hardships and love in all things. 

Contentment breeds appreciation which in turn breeds more joy in our lives. Choose to be content and joyful and so much that held you back will slowly fall away.

Today choose contentment xx