How To Feel Confident In Your Sports Bra

Honestly, there was part of me that wanted to keep this post short and straight to the point. 

1. Put on sports bra (top optional)

2. Go to the gym or the trail and workout.

3. Feel good about yourself because you are a gorgeous, sassy babe who loves her body and is working out because she loves herself! Ain't no haters with their own complexes gonna stop you! 

The end. 

And then I realized that of course there would be more it it than that haha but honestly not much. 

I am not saying you have to workout in your sports bra to prove you feel good about yourself. But I have found that even in my head I see girls working out or running in their sports bra and I say to myself "man if only I could feel confident like that" or "when I look like that I will workout in my sports bra"....and that is where it has to stop! Your mental dialogue is important and you cannot keep putting yourself down because of how someone else looks and chooses to live their lives! 

I honestly love seeing women in their sports bras getting their fitness on, in all shapes and sizes! (and I mean that in the least creepy way possible haha) But there is something about a woman who is confident in her skin, who owns her body and isn't asking for anyones approval that I find really empowering! 

There isn't a perfect body that you need before you can run on the trail in your sports bra! Trust me, when it gets up in to triple digits here I don't know how we even keep our clothes on while we workout! haha So if one day you feel the urge, just do it! Try it out! You have a body, aka you can feel confident in your sports bra! 

When you realize that we are all on our own journey and you accept yourself it is easier to do what you want dictated by what YOU want rather than what others are going to think about you. So I say this week before it gets too chilly head out in your sports bra for your next workout and let me know how it goes! 

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